Meet the cast of 2020’s Silent Witness series 23

Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern, David Caves and Liz Carr are joined by a collection of guest stars for the new series of Silent Witness

Episode 5 & 6 guest stars

Zoë Harrison plays Jenny Shaw AND Carol Alexander

Zoë Harrison plays victim Jenny Shaw AND Nikki's mum Carol Alexander in Silent Witness

Who is Jenny Shaw? A woman who is found dead on the train tracks. It quickly emerges that she suffered domestic violence.


Who is Carol Alexander? Nikki’s mum. As Nikki looks back on her own childhood and is forced to confront memories of domestic violence within her own family, the same actress is used to play both women.

What else has Zoë Harrison been in? She played Jessica in the TV series Cloud 9, and was Young Maria in Never Let Go.

Garry Robson plays DI Sid Clarke

Garry Robson plays DI Sid Clarke in Silent Witness

Who is DI Sid Clarke? The Detective Inspector assigned to the case.

What else has Garry Robson been in? Screen credits include Pitching In and Casualty – and he has actually previously appeared in Silent Witness, playing a character called Chris Ward in a storyline from 2005. He’s also a stage actor, writer, director and performer who has worked to highlight the work of disabled colleagues.

Stephen Walters plays Robbie Shaw

Who is Robbie Shaw? Jenny’s husband.

What else has Stephen Walters been in? He’s had a ton of TV roles in recent years, including Thomas Malone in Shetland, Johnny in Tin Star, DCI Mark Guinness in Little Boy Blue, and Angus Mhor in Outlander. Further back, he’s also made appearances in Layer Cake, Revolver, Hannibal Rising, and Batman Begins.

Ellie Dadd plays Cat Shaw

Ellie Dadd plays Cat Shaw in Silent Witness

Who is Cat Shaw? Jenny and Robbie’s daughter. She has been through a lot in her short life.

What else has Ellie Dadd been in? Aside from a role in 2013 short film Lipstick, this is her first on-screen appearance.

Gabrielle Glaister plays Donna Collyer

Gabrielle Glaister plays Donna Collyer in Silent Witness

Who is Donna Collyer? Jenny’s mother, and Cat’s grandmother.

What else has Gabrielle Glaister been in? Gabrielle Glaister has had a recent stint as Hilary in Emmerdale. She played Alison Pinion in series three of Unforgotten, and appeared as wedding planner Juliet Evans in Midsomer Murders episode Till Death Do Us Part. Other notable roles have included Trish Wallace in Family Affairs, Debs Brownlow in Coronation Street, and Patricia Farnham in Brookside. Back in the ’80s, she also popped up in Blackadder Goes Forth and Blackadder II.

Maddy Collings plays Young Nikki

Maddy Collings plays Young Nikki in Silent Witness

Who is Young Nikki? We meet five-year-old Nikki Alexander in flashbacks throughout episodes five and six.

What else has Maddy Collings been in? This is her first TV appearance.

Geoff Bell plays Brian Collyer

Geoff Bell plays Brian Collyer in Silent Witness

Who is Brian Collyer? Donna’s husband, and Jenny’s father. He works as a mechanic.

What else has Geoff Bell been in? Recently, he’s been on our screens as Jack Verhoeven in His Dark Materials and as Carl Wood in Hatton Garden. Previous roles have included Fabian in Wild Target, Dean in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Tommy Hatcher in Green Street, and Duncan Elliot in The Level. That’s also him as “The Boss” in Louis Tomlinson’s music video for Don’t Let It Break Your Heart.

Raymond Coulthard plays Det. Supt. Donald Hart

Raymond Coulthard plays Det. Supt. Donald Hart in Silent Witness

Who is Detective Superintendent Donald Hart? A police bigwig who becomes closely involved with the case. He likes to take charge and throw his weight around, and soon gets everyone’s backs up. Donald Hart is also trying to draw Thomas into his own sphere – introducing him to people at his Gentleman’s Club and suggesting ways to advance his career.

What else has Raymond Coulthard been in? Having started out starring as Young Ebenezer Scrooge in 1992’s The Muppet Christmas Carol, Raymond Coulthard has gone on to play James Schofield in Hotel Babylon, Miles Edgerton in Mr Selfridge, Jacob Pasha in Da Vinci’s Demons, Mark Radcliffe in The Infinite Worlds of HG Wells, and Rupert Douglas in Oscar-winning movie The English Patient. He’s seen above in a production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Janine Wood plays Sharon Evelina

Who is Sharon Evelina? Sharon works at a Women’s Refuge in London, where she provides support to abused women and runs the house.

What else has Janine Wood been in? She played Mary Hughes in Rocket Man (the 2005 TV series, not the hit Hollywood movie) and starred as Clare France in After Henry, as well as playing Frances Earnshaw in the 1992 adaptation of Wuthering Heights. Recent credits have included Call the Midwife (as a welfare officer) and Doctors (as Jenny Sinclair). This also isn’t the first time we’ve seen her in Silent Witness; she played a lawyer called Elizabeth Dunn QC in an episode in 2014.

Sian Reese-Wiliams plays Tina Harcourt

Sian Reese-Williams plays Jane Cafferty in Line of Duty

Who is Tina Harcourt? One of the women at the women’s refuge. She and her ex-husband Peter have two young girls, and they’re embroiled in a fight over custody and visitation arrangements.

What else has Sian Reese-Wiliams been in? The actress made a brief but memorable appearance in series five of Line of Duty, playing PS Jane Cafferty (above). She’s also been DCI Cadi John in the TV series Hidden, Trudy Franken in Requiem, and Manon in Hinterland. Sian Reese-Williams first hit the small screen as Gennie Walker in Emmerdale, a role she played for five years.

Ben Caplan plays Peter Harcourt

Ben Caplan plays Peter Harcourt in Silent Witness

Who is Peter Harcourt? Tina’s abusive ex-husband.

What else has Ben Caplan been in? You’re most likely to recognise him as PC (later Sergeant) Peter Noakes from Call the Midwife – that is, husband of Miranda Hart’s Chummy (above). His other roles have included Smokey Gordon Jr in Band of Brothers, Michael Freeland in New Blood, and Frank in The Commuter.

Michael Maloney plays Judge Lansing

Michael Maloney plays Bill Astor The Trial of Christine Keeler

Who is Judge Christopher Lansing? A judge at the Family Court. He also went to school with Thomas, and is pals with the Detective Superintendent.

What else has Michael Maloney been in? Most recently, you may have seen him as Prime Minister Edward Heath in season three of The Crown, or as Lord Bill Astor in The Trial of Christine Keeler (above). As a prolific actor with almost 150 screen credits to his name, Michael Maloney has also appeared in The Five, Paranoid, The Young Victoria (as Sir Robert Peel), Notes on a Scandal, and Coronation Street.

Isis Davis plays Cheryl Wilkes

Who is Cheryl Wilkes? An abused woman who has been staying at the women’s refuge. She’s just gone back to her boyfriend, Owen (Liam Ainsworth).

What else has Isis Davis been in? She’s had a handful of roles in TV shows including Electric Dreams and EastEnders, and movies including Bruno and Lie Low.

Alexa Davies plays Lucie Hudson

Alexa Davies plays Lucie Hudson in Silent Witness

Who is Lucie Hudson? A woman who has just left the refuge to reunite with her girlfriend, who’s due to be released from prison.

What else has Alexa Davies been in? She’s been playing Julie Mugford in White House Farm, and also starred as Meg in Dead Pixels. Previous shows have included Detectorists (playing Kate), Harlots (playing Betsey Fletcher), and Raised by Wolves (playing Aretha).

Seraphina Beh plays Jade Brandyce

Seraphina Beh plays Jade Brandyce in Silent witness

Who is Jade Brandyce? Lucie’s abusive girlfriend, who is just out of jail.


What else has Seraphina Beh been in? She played Farah in Top Boy, and is known for starring as Madison Drake in EastEnders.

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