What happened on Love Island last night? Everything that happened on Sunday night’s show

Missed the recoupling? Here's everything you need to catch up on...

Love Island Connagh (ITV)

Bid goodbye to your social lives – Love Island is back on our screens with its very first winter edition.


A series of singletons have ditched the day job to find love in the show’s first outing to a new villa in South Africa, with their adventures in copping off and cracking on documented six nights a week on ITV2.

But if you’re struggling to find the time to catch-up on every episode before the next helping at 9pm, then don’t worry – RadioTimes.com has got you covered.

Here’s what happened on Love Island last night.

Day 7

Love Island Paige (ITV)

The effects of the recoupling are still being felt in the Love Island villa, with Connor calling Connagh a “snake” for choosing to couple up with Sophie.

Siannise wasn’t over the moon about the recoupling either, telling Connagh she felt “like a d**khead” for not being chosen.

But Sophie lost her patience when Mike waded in and gave his opinion on the matter, telling him that it’s not really any of his business.

Elsewhere, things hotted up between Paige and Finley, after the pair shared a kiss when they won the challenge.

But with the announcement of a brand new girl entering the villa, there may be trouble in paradise already…

Day 6


The episode saw the girls go head to head in military-style challenge ‘Booty camp’. And, yes, it involved plenty of bum shaking. The task asked the women of the villa to complete an assault course while dodging the boys’ water balloons, kissing the guy of their choice at the end.

The official winner? Siânnise, as voted by the boys. However, Connagh certainly did well out of the challenge, with Shaughna, Sophie and Siânnise choosing to smooch the newcomer.

But it wasn’t all fun and bum-based games, with the islanders forced to face a brutal recoupling in the evening, in which the boys got to pick which girl they wanted to pair up with.

And there was plenty to talk about. Firstly: Connor. The coffee bean salesman was left sulking with his arms folded after Connagh decided to couple up with Sophie. “I’ve found myself in a situation and I feel like I’ve been snaked out a little bit,” Connor said as he was forced to pair up with Siânnise instead.

The recoupling also spelt disaster for Eve, who was left single and dumped from the island. The 20-year-old was left standing alone after Nas – the last boy to couple up – chose to become a twosome with Jess, Eve’s identical twin sister.

How will Jess cope without her sister? Will Connor win back Sophie? And will Connagh enjoy yet more casual kisses in the next challenge? Only time will tell…

Day 5

Love Island boys (ITV)

There’s fresh meat in the villa as two new boys entered the cast of Love Island 2020.

Connagh and Finley had to pick two girls each to go on a wine-tasting date with, with Connagh picking Sophie and Finley opting for Siannise.

Despite a tetchy morning and enjoying her date with Connagh, Sophie decides she prefers Connor. Siannise enjoys the date with Finley, but thinks the five-year age difference could be problematic.

Next up, Connagh picked Shaughna for his second date, while Finley decided on Paige. While she initially had her eyes on Callum, Shaughna admitted her head “had been fully turned” by the Welsh model – just as Callum realised he’s more interested in her over Eve – typical.

After a game of dares sees Connagh smooch Sophie, Connor decides to pull him over and tell him his feelings – much to Sophie’s annoyance.

But with the news one girl will be dumped from the island tomorrow, could attitudes change?

Day 4

Love Island Ollie leaves villa (ITV)

Things have stepped up a gear in Love Island as we had our first departure from the Love Island 2020 cast.

Upon realising he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Ollie left the villa, with the rest of the Islanders wishing him well.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Mike stepped their relationship up a notch. When Mike chose to sleep in the villa’s new ‘Dog House’, Leanne decided to join him – with the pair sharing a smooch.

However, Jess is still not happy at Mike’s decision to pie her off, saying there was no need to be friendly but the pair can be “cool”.

There was tension between Siannise and Nas, after crossed wires saw Siannise tell her partner that she was “not interested in him romantically – at all.” Ouch.

Meanwhile, newly-single Paige received a text saying there was to be two new boys entering the villa – which saw Connor deliver some sharp words to a gleeful Sophie.

Will our new arrivals Connagh and Finley shake things up?

Day 3

Love Island Leanne and Shaughna (ITV)

As twins Jess and Eve went on a double date with Callum and Mike, Shaughna and Leanne were left fuming – with things getting awkward when the foursome returned from their date.

While Mike pulled Leanne aside to reassure her, Shaughna was left feeling disappointed when Callum failed to seek her out – with Shaughna confessing in the Beach Hut: “I want a man, not a son.”

With Mike then realising Leanne gave him butterflies, he decided to tell Jess that he was no longer interested in getting to know her and would no longer be sharing a bed with her, much to Jess’s surprise.

Elsewhere, things got awkward for Ollie and Paige, after Siannise told Paige that Ollie had previously revealed he was interested in her. A heated conversation between Ollie and Paige left a sour mood in the villa.

Day 2

Eve and Jess Love Island (ITV)

Things are already starting to get tense in the villa, after the arrival of twins Eve and Jess ruffled feathers.

Shaughna announced to the other girls she was “fine” – but admitted in the Beach Hut she was “s**tting herself” at the prospect of losing Callum.

And it seems she was right to be nervous with the twins marking Callum, Mike and Connor as their type.

Things then got steamy in the ‘Spill the Tea’ challenge, with our Islanders sharing a few smooches as they guessed secrets about each other – it was a difficult one for Connor and Ollie, after it was Connor who was unveiled to have more than 100 sexual partners and Ollie had cheated on his ex-girlfriend eight or nine time.

The twins found themselves getting heated after they realised they both wanted to couple up with Callum, but Jess coupled up with Mike and Eve coupled up with  Callum – leaving Shaughna and Leanne single.

Day 1

Love Island - Siannise and Nas (ITV)

Paige, Siannise, Shaughna, Leanne and Sophie were the first girls to enter the villa, with new host Laura Whitmore welcoming them to their new digs.

The (somewhat awkward) coupling up ceremony saw our very first couples of the series.

After no-one stepped forward, Nas chose to couple up with Siannise.

Callum coupled up with Shaughna after she stepped forward.

Ollie coupled up with Paige after no-one stepped forward.

Connor coupled up with Sophie after she stepped forward.

Mike coupled up with Leanne after he stepped forward.

However, there’s trouble in paradise already – Ollie admitted to Siannise that he had his eye on her, Mike confided in the boys that Leanne isn’t opening up to him, and Connor and Sophie seemed to fall out after his awkward threesome comment during truth or dare.

Our first twist of the series arrived when twins Jess and Eve sashayed into the villa, causing some heads to turn already…


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2