Love Island’s Leanne apologises to her dad and says he’s “in for a shock”

Leanne’s dad might want to look away right about… now!

Leanne ©ITV

Love Island is back, with 12 singletons heading to the brand new South African villa this Sunday.


Over the next eight weeks, the nation will watch as contestants couple up, crack on, or get dumped from the villa.

In previous series, things have been known to get a little steamy on screen, especially in the hideaway (ahem Zara Holland and Alex Bowen.)

And although the cameras haven’t started rolling yet, Leanne Amaning has already apologised to her dad for upcoming scenes.

Speaking about the moment she revealed she was going on the show, Leanne told “My dad loved it, but he hasn’t seen the show, so he’s in for a bit of a shock. Sorry daddy!”

Nevertheless, the sales Advisor insists she’ll be keeping it strictly “PG” during her time in the villa and won’t be having sex on TV.

“I don’t think sex on TV is for me. Who knows?” she said.

“I’ve already spoken to my mum about that and she was like, ‘You’re not having sex on TV’. I was like, ‘Yeah, alright mum’.”

While sex is off limits for Leanne, the 22-year-old is up for meeting new people and learning new things in the villa, such as how to swim.

The London-based islander revealed that initially learnt when she was in primary school, however, she actually forgot.

But not to worry, she’s carved out a plan to regain the skill of swimming and win over her new man.

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When asked if she’ll be asking one of the guys to help her, she smiled: “Yeah, that’s going to be my little technique.” The lucky guy might have to wait a little while for Leanne to step forward for him, though.

Referring to the first coupling, where either the girls or guys have to step forward for who they like, Leanne admitted that she will hold back due to a “fear of rejection”.

She said: “I’ll be a waiter. I’m going to have to push myself. I’ve got a little bit of a fear of rejection.”


Love Island launches Sunday 12th January at 9pm and continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV2