Meet Apprentice 2019 candidate Lewis Ellis: the Digital Marketing Project Manager and YouTube prankster

Lewis once attracted worldwide media attention after claiming to have ‘ended up in Syria’ accidentally while holidaying in Greece - before admitting it was #fakenews

Lewis Ellis, The Apprentice (BBC)

Fan of YouTube pranksters and #fakenews? Then 2019 Apprentice candidate Lewis Ellis is your man.


Although the marketing man has been fired from the competition, he’s soon set to make a return in the last episode of the series, lending a hand to the two finalists.

Here’s all you need to know about Lewis Ellis – the digital marketing project manager who’s keen to team up with the business mogul.

Lewis Ellis: The Facts

Age: 28

Occupation: Digital Marketing Project Manager

Lives: Lancashire

YouTube: lostboylewis

LinkedIn: Lewis Ellis

What does Lewis Ellis do?

Yes, Lewis is a Digital Marketing Project Manager by day, and also has experience as a consultant – but you may recognise him from beyond the boardroom.

Back in 2016, the 28-year-old managed to fool the entire world after joking he and two friends had accidentally travelled from party island Ayia Napa, Crete, to Syria on a fishing boat.

The club rep posted a series of images on Snapchat documenting the sorry tale – before admitting on his Facebook page that it was all a hoax.

While he still posts on his YouTube channel LostBoyLewis, our prankster has seemingly grown up a bit in more recent years, now posting interviews with influential business owners on his channel. He explained he hoped to start his own business soon, and wanted advice on how to be successful – so he should be prepared for The Apprentice to say the least.

Outside of fooling the world’s press, Lewis’s CV (available to read on his LinkedIn account) sees the candidate boast about learning a new skill every six months, riding a motorcycle, being an accomplished skier – and having once been a Latin and Ballroom dancer.

What are Lewis Ellis’s skills?

A self-proclaimed “maverick” who doesn’t like to follow the rules, Lewis is confident of his competitiveness and determination – however, he’s not got much of a poker face as he often betrays his true feelings with his vivid facial expressions.

Lewis adds on his CV: “I’m the type of person who likes to get the job done. I’m a fixer, a doer, and love a challenge. I’ve always gone the extra mile and am constantly pushing myself to succeed.

“I try to find the fun side in even the most laborious of tasks and always strive to make others smile. My goals are great and I’ll stop at nothing to attain them. The difference between me and all others, I’m willing to outwork anyone.”

When did Lewis Ellis get fired?

Lewis made it all the way to the interview stage. However, he was fired after being unable to point out Croatia – where he proposed his tourist business to be based – on a globe.

How he made it through week 10’s perfume task, though, we’ll never know.


The Apprentice launches Wednesday 2nd October at 9pm, BBC One