Will there be a series 3 of Keeping Faith?

Eve Myles returns in the Welsh crime thriller that got everyone talking

Keeping Faith / Un Bore Mercher

BBC and S4C drama Keeping Faith stars Eve Myles as Faith Howells, a lawyer and mother who is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of conspiracy and lies after the sudden disappearance of her husband (played by her real-life other half Bradley Freegard).


The first series was broadcast in Welsh as Un Bore Mercher, then in English on BBC1 Wales. The series became a record breaker on iPlayer, and eventually received a prime time broadcast on BBC1.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Will there be a series 3 of Keeping Faith?

According to S4C, a third series has yet to be confirmed.

However, the signs look good. When asked at the BBC’s Writers’ Room Festival whether we can expect another run of the show, executive producer Maggie Russell told RadioTimes.com: “I think what I’m allowed to say to you is: ‘We’re all working on it in development.'”

What was Keeping Faith series two about?

Series two rejoins lawyer, wife and mother Faith Howells (Eve Myles) as she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life and marriage, following (spoiler alert for series one!) the sudden reappearance of her husband Evan.

At the BFI and Radio Times TV Festival, Myles revealed that when she read about Evan turning up in the series one script, she lobbed it across the room. “I was sitting at the island in the kitchen and I got to the end and I just went, ‘No. Way,” she said. “I threw the script and [Bradley] went, ‘Shall I read it?’ and I went, ‘No, not yet.’”

The last time we saw her character Faith in series one, she was desperately trying to find out the truth about what had happened to him, as well as holding together her fractured family.

In series two, there is a “lot more” of Evan as we find out where he disappeared to. Read more about Evan’s role in series two here.

Who was in the cast of Keeping Faith series 2?

Keeping Faith: the cast reunite as production begins on series two (BBC)

Judging by photos from the cast reading, it looks like mysteriously-missing husband Evan Howells (Bradley Freegard) is going to be right at the centre of the action this time round.

Steve Baldini (Mark Lewis Jones) is clearly also back, judging by this photo from set…

Where is Keeping Faith filmed?

The drama is filmed in Wales – take a look at our location guide for series one!

Most of the drama is filmed in Laugharne, and the owners of the house that Faith lives in have had “A LOT of people” turning up on their doorstep, revealed Myles. “Especially in the summer, the queues were down the hill,” she added. “People want to go out onto the decking and have a glass of wine and sit like Lisa and Faith, clinking glasses and having some pictures taken.”

Is Keeping Faith filmed in both Welsh and English?

Yes. The actors film each take back-to-back in both Welsh and English. “It’s really difficult,” revealed Myles at the BFI and Radio Times TV Festival. “It’s almost like having to sieve the scene through your English brain and your Welsh brain, and it’s really hard to give both languages 100 per cent, which we all do, but also to try to jump from language to language. It’s an incredible experience, really.”

Creator Matthew Hall and Keeping Faith stars Eve Myles and Bradley Freegard at the BFI & Radio Times TV Festival, Getty
Creator Matthew Hall and Keeping Faith stars Eve Myles and Bradley Freegard at the BFI & Radio Times TV Festival, Getty

And it’s not just the languages that are different; the English BBC audience and the Welsh S4C audience see a whole different version of each episode. Because S4C has adverts, each Welsh episode is just 48 minutes, while BBC viewers get approximately 10 minutes of extra drama.

“As a whole the two versions are tonally different,” added Myles. “We have two different editors and two different execs.”

Un Bore Mercher and Keeping Faith are so distinct from one another, in fact, that scenes are reordered and the story itself plays out in a different order in each version, explained writer Matthew Hall.


And in case you were wondering – no, the actors don’t get paid twice.