When is Friday Night Dinner series 6 on TV?

Channel 4's long-running sitcom is back for another serving next year

Friday Night DInner

Hungry for more Friday Night Dinner? You’re not alone. Channel 4 is dishing up another series of the wacky sitcom to air next year.


Here’s what we know so far…

When is Friday Night Dinner series 6 going to be on TV?

The new series started filming in October 2019 and has its eyes on an air date sometime in 2020. While there is yet to be an official confirmation, the previous three series all premiered between May and June, so it would seem a safe assumption that the Goodman’s sixth outing will do the same.

Who is in Friday Night Dinner series 6?

The main cast comprised of Tamsin Greig (Jackie), Paul Ritter (Martin), Simon Bird (Adam), Tom Rosenthal (Jonny) and Mark Heap (Jim) are all reprising their roles for the new series. Tracy-Ann Oberman and Rosalind Knight will also be returning in their respective roles of Aunty Val and Horrible Grandma.

What is it going to be about?

The sixth series of Friday Night Dinner will reunite the entire Goodman family along with neighbour Jim for more zany mishaps.

Some of the announced storylines include: Martin buys a rundown old caravan and starts living in it, Jackie panics as both her sons get girlfriends or ‘females’ as they are referred to, Aunty Val takes up sexting, all the while Jonny and Adam continue finding new ways to drive each other crazy.

Kenton Allen, Executive Producer, said: “Friday Night Dinner has grown into a phenomenal hit for all involved and the huge demand for new episodes is rather humbling. We look forward to launching series six, alongside a fabulous range of merchandise which we’re currently developing to launch alongside the next season. Wilson Dog Biscuits anyone?”


Will it be the final series?

That seems unlikely. Series five had the largest audience since the show’s debut back in 2011, so if series six enjoys a similar level of success then more dinners could easily be on the horizon.