Emilia Clarke reveals culprit behind infamous coffee cup on Game of Thrones

Here's looking at you Lord Varys...


The final series of Game of Thrones created a raft of talking points when it aired earlier this year – but finally we have answers to one of the biggest mysteries.


Fans of the show are known for painstakingly analysing every single frame – and that famously led to some viewers spotting that a disposable coffee cup had erroneously made it onto the screen as Winterfell’s heroes celebrated the Night’s Kings defeat.

And now star Emilia Clarke has used her spot on Jimmy Fallon’s US chat show to spill the coffee beans on who was responsible for the error.

Clarke – who was keen to clear her name after she was candidly accused of being the culprit by co-star Sophie Turner – revealed that Conleth Hill, who portrayed Varys on the HBO series, had confessed his guilt to her at a party.

She said, “Here’s the truth. We had a party before the Emmy’s recently and Conleth, who plays Varys, who is sitting next to me in that scene, pulled me aside and said I have got to tell you something… the coffee cup was mine!

“It was his, it was Conleth’s coffee cup, he said so!”


Hill, who is currently starring in BBC One show Dublin Murders, has not responded to the accusations yet – so we’ll just have to take Clarke’s word on the matter for now!