Meet the cast of Netflix’s Criminal

David Tennant and Hayley Atwell lead a brilliant cast in the new anthological crime series


One of Netflix’s most ambitious drama series to date arrives on Friday 20th September.


Criminal is an anthology series which plays out in four different languages with a massive cast of international stars. Each episode is a standalone story which unfolds entirely in a police interrogation suite, as a team of officers attempt to get a confession out of a suspect.

Each country – the four settings in the show are the UK, Spain, Germany and France – has three episodes apiece, and in the UK, David Tennant and Hayley Atwell each lead one.

The only constants in each zone are the police team, who feature in each of the three episodes.

Find out everything you need to know about the cast of Criminal below.

The Police

Rochenda Sandall as Vanessa

Rochenda Sandall plays Lisa McQueen in Line of Duty

Who is Vanessa? Line of Duty season 5’s villain has traded sides for this series. Vanessa is a copper, who gets her big moment in episode two when she gets to step in and interrogate Stacey (Haley Atwell).

Where have I seen her before? She played Lisa McQueen on Line of Duty and has also appeared in Broken, Hatton Garden, Coronation Street.

Mark Stanley as Hugo


Who is Hugo? The young rookie on the team. His colleagues aren’t sure he’s ready to take part in an interrogation, but he’s keen to prove them wrong.

Where have I seen Mark Stanley before? He played Grenn in Game of Thrones, currently plays Lord Babbington on Sanditon and has also featured in Broken and Little Women.

Nicholas Pinnock as Paul


Who is Paul? A senior police officer who steps in to take over the interrogation of Edgar (Tennant) in episode one.

Where have I seen Nicholas Pinnock before? He played Jason Backland in Marcella, Leon in series one of Top Boy, and Ian Shaw in Counterpart.

Katherine Kelly as Natalie

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.08.29

Who is Natalie? The head of the police team, who oversees all of the investigations.

Where have I seen Katherine Kelly before? After playing Becky Granger / McDonald on Coronation Street, Kelly has appeared in Gentleman Jack, Strike, Cheat, Strike Back, The Night Manager, Mr Selfridge, and Happy Valley.

Lee Ingleby as Tony


Who is Tony? The lead interrogator on Dr Fallon’s case.

Where have I seen Lee Ingleby before? Line of Duty, Innocent, The A Word, Luther and Inspector George Gently are all on Ingleby’s résumé.

The accused

David Tennant as Dr Edgar Fallon

04033_CRIMINAL_UK_01_R (2)

Who is Dr Edgar Fallon? A man accused of raping and murdering his teenage step-daughter.

Where have I seen David Tennant before? He was the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, Crowley in Good Omens, Alec Hardy in Broadchurch, and Kilgrave on Jessica Jones.

Hayley Atwell as Stacey

00264_CRIMINAL_UK_02 (1)

Who is Stacey? A woman accused of poisoning is a suspect in a murder.

Where have I seen Hayley Atwell before? She’s played Peggy Carter in Marvel movies including Avengers: Endgame and Captain America: The First Avenger, as well as in her own TV spin-off Agent Carter, and recently appeared in the series Howards End, The Long Song, and Conviction.

Youssef Kerkour as Jay


Who is Jay? A lorry driver who is accused of abandoning a truck-full of Syrian refugees.


Where have I seen Youssef Kerkour before? As well as capturing our hearts as good-natured Sami in Channel 4’s Home, Kerkour has also appeared in Nightflyers, Marcella, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.