When is Supermarket Sweep on TV? Who’s hosting? What’s different about the new series?

The classic 90’s game show is being revamped for 2019

Rylan Clark-Neal (Getty)

Get ready to go wild in the aisles because.Supermarket Sweep, the eye-wateringly lurid quiz show and certified relic of the 90s is making a comeback.


Having last been seen on screen in 2007, the revamp promises to modernise the ITV hit, which ended in a high-speed trolley dash.

But fear not Sweep super-fans – many of the show’s original elements will remain intact for the 2019 revamp.

Here’s all you need to know about the brand new series:

When is Supermarket Sweep on TV?

We’ve had a long, long wait for this moment.

Having been pulled off air in 2007, Freemantle Media (the production team behind The X Factor) bought the rights in 2017, with Vasha Wallace, FreemantleMedia’s executive vice president of global acquisitions and development, suggesting the show would be “modernised” for a 21st Century audience.

With the revamp reportedly being delayed following the death of the show’s original host Dale Winton in 2018, it has since been confirmed that Supermarket Sweep will be returning in September 2019.

While it was originally a short half an hour teatime show in its heyday, Supermarket Sweep has now landed itself a prime-time, one hour slot on ITV 2.

We’ll be the first to inform you when the date is confirmed, so keep checking back at RadioTimes.com for updates.

Who is hosting the Supermarket Sweep reboot?

Rylan Clark-Neal

Reality TV star turned presenter turned national treasure Rylan Clark-Neal will be taking the reins as Supermarket Sweep’s new host – a role which Clark-Neal called “a dream come true”.

“I am beside myself with excitement and will be going wilder in the aisles than ever before,” he said. “Fill up your trolley, grab your bag for life and let’s go shopping!”

What can we expect from the reboot?

Fans can expect 20 x60 minute episodes featuring some elements of the 90s show which have been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century – with Clark-Neal hinting at a dreaded self-checkout section.

“There may be a self-checkout, but don’t worry, we’ll still have checkout assistants. You can’t have Supermarket Sweep without checkout assistants,” he told RadioTimes.com.

“There will be old games, new games but ultimately the format will still follow playing the game, building your clock, the sweep and then the super sweep at the end.”

The series will also feature a Love Island special, with Ovie and India, Belle and Anton and Chris and Harley set for the trolley dash.

Clark-Neal added the show’s infamous neon jumpers will be making a comeback, much to his delight.

Will there be a tribute to Dale Winton?

The new supermarket set will feature a tribute to Winton who died in April 2018.

“We’re definitely going to have a nod to Dale,” Clark-Neal told RadioTimes.com. “That was one of the big things when I agreed to do the job was that I wanted to have a nod to Dale, somewhere in the supermarket which we’ve managed.

“That’s all I’m going to say about it, but it was the one thing I really wanted.”


Supermarket Sweep launches in September on ITV 2