Connie Beauchamp leaves Casualty after shock confession to Charlie Fairhead

Amanda Mealing exits the show temporarily - find out when she'll be back

casualty connie beauchamp

Connie Beauchamp’s reign in the emergency department appears to be over after she opted to resign in tonight’s Casualty double bill. Scenes just shown on BBC1 saw the drug-dependent clinical lead exit Holby City Hospital after being told by stalwart nurse Charlie Fairhead that the best course of action would be for her to “just go”. 


Connie has been self-medicating in the wake of a shock assault that left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. But events came to a head this evening after she attempted to procure a new supply of benzodiazepines from a local chemist, only to be stopped in her tracks by colleague Archie, whose suspicions about her boss’s behaviour had led to her tracking her movements.

casualty connie beauchamp and charlie fairhead

The trouble was that the pharmacy then became the scene of a showdown as a methadone-addicted customer ended up taking everyone hostage and knifing Archie during a fracas.

After being rushed to the ED, efforts were made to save Archie, with the result being that she now seems to be in a critical but stable condition. But the crisis was enough to provoke a confession from Connie, who confided in Charlie that she held herself responsible not only for Archie’s injuries but a series of other recent blunders in the department too.

As the truth came out, Charlie realised that it was Connie and not Archie who had botched an intubation that put a patient’s welfare at risk. In an increasingly desperate state, Connie had then gone on to blame Duffy for a life-endangering medication error that saw her mix up lidocaine and saline. Finally, Connie admitted that she’d schemed to get trouble shooter Ciaran ousted by making out that it was he who’d been over-prescribing the very pills that she’d been taking to feed her own addiction.

casualty connie beauchamp

Struggling to keep his composure, Charlie told his long-time friend she needn’t apologise for her addiction, but that she should feel ashamed for the lies she’d told, particularly seeing as the dissembling had led to Duffy hanging up her nurse’s uniform after devoting her entire career to the NHS.

As Connie promised to hand in her resignation and write a letter absolving Duffy of responsibility, viewers were left wondering whether this was the last they’d see of her.

Will Connie be back?

Star Amanda Mealing had already promised a “heartbreaking” and “dramatic” exit for Connie, and that she would indeed be taking some time away from Casualty. But a spokesperson has revealed the exit will be temporary and that the character of Connie would be back later in the year: “As is common with long-running cast members, Amanda is taking a well-deserved break from filming with Casualty and will return in the autumn.”

casualty connie beauchamp

So despite it currently looking as though there’s no future for Connie in the ED, there is a new chapter in her story to be told at the tail end of 2019…


Casualty airs every Saturday on BBC1