When is Giri/Haji on TV?

Created by Humans writer Joe Barton and starring Kelly Macdonald, Giri/Haji is an ambitious BBC2/Netflix co-production spanning two continents

Kelly Macdonald (Getty)

A co-production between the BBC2 and Netflix, Giri/Haji (translated as Duty/Shame) is an ambitious international drama set in both London and Tokyo, following two estranged brothers halfway across the world from one another.


When detective and family man Kenzo’s younger brother goes missing, he must leave Tokyo and head to London to find him — and discover the truth about his brother’s life.

Here’s everything you need to know about Giri/Haji…

When is Giri/Haji on TV?

Filming began on the thriller in August 2018, and the show will air on BBC2 (for UK viewers) and Netflix an unspecified date later this year.

What is Giri/Haji about?

The eight-part series is set in both Tokyo and London, and follows Kenzo, a family man and detective living in Tokyo who must travel to London to find his missing brother, Yuto. The pair have been estranged since a dark event years previously.

Once in London, Kenzo finds himself seeking comfort in a makeshift family of Londoners, while his professional relationship with Sarah, a Met detective investigating the murder case that Yuto seems to have entangled himself in, begin to veer towards personal, threatening his marriage.

Creator and screenwriter Joe Barton says: “Developing this show with Sister Pictures, Netflix, and the BBC has been an amazing creative experience and now I’m incredibly excited to see it come to life with such a diverse and brilliant cast and crew. They’re all ridiculously talented which has the added bonus of making me look better. Which was my goal all along, frankly.”

Who stars in Giri/Haji?

Yosuke Kubozuka, Getty Images
Yosuke Kubozuka, Getty Images

Bafta and Golden Globe nominee Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire, T2 Trainspotting) plays Sarah, a Met Police detective, while Takehiro Hira (Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai) plays Tokyo-based detective Kenzo.

Yosuke Kubozuka (Go, Silence) plays Yuto, Kenzo’s estranged brother who lives in London. Justin Long (New Girl, Live Free or Die Hard) and Charlie Creed-Miles (Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders) play Vickers and Abbott, two shadowy businessmen who attempt to draw Kenzo in as the latter sets his sight on expanding his empire into East Asia.

Bafta nominated Will Sharpe (Flowers) also joins the cast as a charismatic rent boy.


Is there a trailer for Giri/Haji?

Not yet — we’ll keep you posted.