When is Star Trek: Lower Decks on TV? Everything you need to know about the animated comedy

All the updates you need about the show following a Starfleet support crew

Star Trek USS enterprise

Star Trek fans may be set to delve into the gritty final frontier of a former Enterprise captain’s story in Picard, but it’s upcoming show Lower Decks that will send the franchise where’s it’s never been before: an animated comedy series.


Headed by Rick and Morty’s Mike McMahan, Lower Decks promises to follow a support crew aboard some of Starfleet’s least important ships.

But when will the show be docking onto our screens? What will its plot be? Here’s all you need to know…

When is Star Trek: Lower Decks on TV? Where can I watch it in the UK?

There is no release date as-of-yet, but executive producer Alex Kurtzman has estimated that Lower Decks will drop in either 2021 or 2022 due to the long animation process.

The show is being created for CBS All Access, a service not yet available in the UK. At this point it’s unclear if a streaming service such as Netflix (who released Star Trek: Discovery in the UK) will take on the show.

Who is in the voice cast?

No cast or characters have been announced – but stay tuned here for more information.

Hang on, hasn’t there been a Star Trek animated series before?

Affirmative – but it wasn’t an outright comedy. In 1973 fans of the original show were treated to Star Trek: The Animated Series, a sequel to the first live-action Star Trek programme that was cancelled in 1969.

What is the plot of Star Trek: Lower Decks?

Not much is known about the show itself, but Kurtzman has given fans a glimpse at the tone fans can expect.

In a press statement he described McMahan’s initial pitch for the show: “[He] won our hearts with his first sentence: ‘I want to do a show about the people who put the yellow cartridge in the food replicator so a banana can come out the other end.’”


McMahan himself has also said Lower Decks won’t employ a classic Star Trek trope: “I promise not to add an episode at the very end that reveals the whole thing took place in a training program.”