Race Across the World is returning for two more series

What you need to know about the upcoming return of the highly rated show.

BBC2 has confirmed that its breakout hit Race Across the World will return for two new extended series.


The series finale of Race Across the World was the highest-rated episode of a new factual entertainment title across BBC2 and Channel 4 since Bake Off: Crème de la Crème, and became the highest-rated programme for children across the whole BBC that week.

The series follows teams of two as they race across the world to a given destination. The twist is that whilst the competitors are handed the equivalent amount of money to a one-way plane fare to complete their journey, they cannot fly. Instead, they must rely on land and sea travel, and work to fund any extra expenses they incur along the way. They’re also supplied with a world map, a GPS device, and a travel guide to help.

Speaking on the series’ recommission, BBC2 controller Patrick Holland said it “shows the ambition and creative risk-taking that is possible on BBC2”.


Tim Harcourt, Creative Director of Studio Lambert, which produces the programme, added: “Series two will retain the jaw-dropping landscapes, charm and appeal of series one, but with a new and longer route there are sure to be fresh challenges and surprises our teams will face.”