Love Island fans are convinced they’ve figured out who gets dumped tonight

It's not looking good for Lucie and George...

Lucie Love Island (ITV screenshot)

Monday night’s cliffhanger ending on Love Island hasn’t had quite the intended impact, as many viewers believe they’ve already worked out which couple will be dumped next…


Lucie and George look set to be the islanders exiting the show during Tuesday’s episode, following the revelation that Amy Hart has quit the villa of her own accord.

As last night’s episode came to a close, it was revealed that the islanders would have to choose whether Amy and Curtis or Lucie and George return to the real world.

“If Amy left the villa after the surprise dumping happened (because she left the day after) then she was still in the villa to do so,” Daniel White tweeted. “That means, technically, Amy and Curtis stay and Lucie and George go.”

He wasn’t the only one to spot this accidental spoiler. Dozens of viewers also smugly tweeted that they had clocked it.

That said, Love Island devotees rarely need much persuasion to tune in on a Tuesday night, and the lack of information on Amy’s exit will likely ensure most of us watch anyway…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2