Who attacked Bobby Beale on EastEnders?

Was it Rainie? Or Max? Or someone else entirely?

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Bobby Beale’s night out with his family didn’t exactly go as planned on tonight’s EastEnders when he was left in tears and with bloodstains on the side of his head. The young murderer was last seen pleading to be left alone in his room, with dad Ian trying to gain admittance. As Bobby crouched by the door, viewers saw that there was an angry bruise at his temple. But what exactly has happened to him? And might he have been attacked?


Prior to Monday’s cliffhanger scene being broadcast, the Beales had risked opprobrium by taking Bobby to the Queen Vic. And sure enough, censure soon came in the form of Rainie, who accused Bobby of letting Max take the blame for the crime of killing Lucy. But rather than heap more criticism on to Bobby’s young shoulders, Max instead chose to support the newly released teenager, pointing out that he’d now served his time.

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Somebody though, appears not to have listened to Max’s words, opting instead to punish Bobby. So who might have done the deed? Top of the suspect list must surely be Rainie – not only was she contradicted by partner Max in front of the pub’s regulars, but she also then went on to witness him puckering up with Mel. In fit of pique, she might well have lashed out and directed her anger towards Bobby.

Then, there’s Max, who has previously been shown to have a manipulative side to his personality. Only last week, he seemed determined to make Bobby pay. So perhaps this display of forgiveness in the Queen Vic masks a desire to get revenge? When considering potential aggressors, there’s also a whole neighbourhood full of protective parents, who probably wouldn’t want a convicted killer coming within spitting distance of their offspring. Karen, Linda, Sonia, we’re looking at you…

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Thankfully, fans of the BBC1 soap won’t have long to wait to find out what happened, with the truth set to be revealed as soon as tomorrow. Tuesday’s EastEnders finds Ian and Kathy reeling after seeing that Bobby has a bruised face. Assuming Max is responsible, Ian ends up calling the police, a move that mortifies Bobby and results in him refusing to answer questions asked by investigating officers. But later on, Ian confronts Max, who denies all knowledge, only for Bobby to put his family in the picture about what really went on…


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