Are TV spoilers ever okay?

Have you ever deliberately spoiled a TV show for a friend? When is it okay to talk about the ending of a show? We want to know what you think...


From a shock death to a mind-warping twist, chances are you’ve encountered at least one massive spoiler while binge-watching a beloved TV series. And it’s also likely you’ve gone full Mark Ruffalo and accidentally revealed a massive clunker of a plot point to a friend that hasn’t caught up yet.


Yet this shouldn’t be surprising: with more quality shows on the air than it’s possible to watch at once, streaming services dropping entire seasons in one batch and constant TV chatter on social media, navigating spoilers can be a minefield.

There are so many uncertainties: when it is okay to drop a spoiler? Does this change for a streaming service show? Is it ever okay to deliberately spoil a show for somebody else?


Well, it’s time to solve these mysteries of modern TV watching for good. We want to hear what YOU think about spoilers – just answer the questions below.