Meet the cast of Rob Lowe’s ITV cop drama Wild Bill

Line of Duty's Tony Pitts, The Bletchley Circle's Rachael Stirling and Bodyguard's Anjli Mohindra star in this "fish out of water" crime drama

Wild Bill

ITV’s new cop drama Wild Bill stars Hollywood actor Rob Lowe as formerly-high-flying US police chief Bill Hixon – who now finds himself in Boston, Lincolnshire.


Landing in the UK with his teenage daughter Kelsey in tow, Chief Constable Bill Hixon has come prepared with armfuls of algorithms and statistics to tackle the county’s crime figures. But this job turns out to be much more hands-on than he ever anticipated…

With actors from Line of Duty, Shameless, Bodyguard and Call the Midwife, Wild Bill is packed full of familiar faces.

Here are the characters you need to meet – and the stars who play them:

Rob Lowe plays Bill Hixon

Rob Lowe plays Bill Hixon in Wild Bill

Who is Bill Hixon? High-flying American cop Bill Hixon has been brought in from Miami to take over as Chief Constable of the East Lincolnshire Police Force, in the decidedly less glamorous English town of Boston. Chief Constable Hixon’s new job is to tackle the county’s terrible crime figures and make spending cuts – and from the outset, he is not here to make friends.

Despite being supremely well-educated and well-qualified, with a first-class degree in Criminology, a Masters in Psychopathology, and a doctorate in Statistical Mapping, brash American Bill Hixon has ended up in deepest Lincolnshire in an attempt to flee painful events on the other side of the Atlantic.

“The character is so American so that can bump up against a proper British sensibility,” explains Lowe. “For an American he is abrasive – even for an American – and direct and ambitious and hard-charging and he doesn’t suffer fools at all.” 

What else has Rob Lowe been in? American actor and Hollywood star Rob Lowe has been on our screens since the age of 15 after rising to fame as part of Hollywood’s Brat Pack and has almost 100 acting credits to his name. His most memorable roles have included Chris Traeger in US sitcom Parks and Recreation, Dr Ethan Willis in Code Black, and Sam Seaborn in The West Wing – a role which earned him nominations for two Golden Globes and an Emmy. As well as playing the lead, he is also an executive producer of Wild Bill.

Rachael Stirling plays Mary Harborough

Rachael Stirling plays Mary Harborough in Wild Bill

Who is Mary Harborough? Local barrister and judge Mary Harborough QC also happens to be the eldest daughter of Lincolnshire aristocracy.

“Beautiful, rebellious, and a fellow misfit, Bill will fall hard for Mary, and it will terrify him,” ITV says. “She’s posh and flippant on the surface, but darker that you’d expect underneath. She’s captivating and has the wit to reduce men with a line. Someone who would make an impact anywhere in the world, it’s something of a mystery that she seems to have contented herself with Boston.”

What else has Rachael Stirling been in? Rachael Stirling has starred as Nancy Astley in Tipping the Velvet, Millie Harcourt in The Bletchley Circle, Becky in Detectorists, and Ada in 2013 Doctor Who episode The Crimson Hour. On the big screen, her credits include Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Snow White and the Huntsman, and The Young Victoria. Aside from this, she is an acclaimed stage actress with two Olivier Award nominations to her name.

Craig Parkinson plays ‘Piano Man’

Craig Parkinson plays Piano Man in Wild Bill

Who is Piano Man? According to executive producer Eleanor Moran, “Episode two is about a lost soul known only as Piano Man, played by Craig Parkinson, who is trying to figure out who he actually is, which is what Bill is also doing. Piano Man was inspired by a real story. It’s an amalgamation of stories about people who have lost their memory and suddenly can speak Chinese or are able to play the violin.”

What else has Craig Parkinson been in? The actor is perhaps best known for playing DI Matthew “Dot” Cottan in Line of Duty. Recent credits include Black Mirror interactive episode Bandersnatch, Wild Rose, Year of the Rabbit, and Watership Down (as the voice of Sergeant Sainfoin). Craig Parkinson has also starred in Misfits (as Sean), In with the Flynns (as Tommy Flynn), and Whitechapel (as Johnny Kray). He hosts a podcast called Two Shot.

Aloreia Spencer plays Kelsey Hixon

Aloreia Spencer plays Kelsey in Wild Bill

Who is Kelsey Hixon? Bill’s 14-year-old daughter. She has a sharp and sarcastic sense of humour which she uses as a defence mechanism, and is going through those awkward teenage years. After the sudden death of her mother in an accident, Kelsey is still “emotionally raw,” and “now alone with her dad, she’s beginning to suspect he isn’t capable of being the understanding and giving parent she needs.”

“They have a very fraught relationship but a very close relationship,” says Lowe. “It’s just the two of them in this brave new world over here and that’s sort of the humanising element of [my] character.”

What else has Aloreia Spencer been in? This is the young actress’s first screen role.

Bronwyn James plays DC Muriel Yeardsley

Bronwyn James plays DC Muriel Yeardsley in Wild Bill

Who is DC Muriel Yeardsley? Bright, eager and ambitious detective Muriel comes from a local farming family. She is an idealist who believes that police work can change the world for the better, and she is immediately keen to learn from Chief Constable Bill Hixon.

“Muriel becomes almost a de facto older daughter to him,” reveals Lowe.

What else has Bronwyn James been in? The actress put in a memorable appearance in the 2018 Call the Midwife Christmas special, playing pregnant mum Mavis Holler. She also starred in festive Agatha Christie drama The ABC Murders, and played Fanny Lambert in Harlots.

Anjli Mohindra plays ACC Lydia Price

Anjli Mohindra plays ACC Lydia Price in Wild Bill

Who is ACC Lydia Price? As Assistant Chief Constable at East Lincolnshire Police, “Lydia is pressed, polished, professional, but under-appreciated.” After her own career was thwarted again and again, Bill’s appointment as her boss came as a big blow, and “she hates pretty much everything Bill stands for.”

What else has Anjli Mohindra been in? Anjli Mohindra was, of course, would-be train bomber Nadia in Jed Mercurio’s Bodyguard. Since then she has starred in the ITV drama Dark Heart as DC Josie Chancellor, and in Midsomer Murders episode The Ghost of Causton Abbey as beer brewer Faiza Jindal. Previous credits include Paranoid, Bancroft, Cucumber, and The Missing.

Tony Pitts plays Keith Metcalfe

Tony Pitts plays Keith Metcalfe in Wild Bill

Who is Keith Metcalfe? The Crime Commissioner for East Lincolnshire who hired Bill Hixon. According to ITV, “Keith Metcalfe is the first generation of a nouveau riche local industrial family. He’s a man on the make and a shameless social climber, but he lacks the brains and drive of his father. He’s ambitious and arrogant, pompous and slippery.”

What else has Tony Pitts been in? It’s hard not to be suspicious of Tony Pitts’ latest character, after the actor starred as DCS Lester Hargreaves in Line of Duty. Other recent roles include Lennox in MotherFatherSon, Edgar Massinger in Jamestown, and Inspector Moss in Peaky Blinders. He previously starred as Chloe’s dad in My Mad Fat Diary, and put in an appearance in Star Wars movie Rogue One as Captain Pterro.

Steffan Rhodri plays DS Alex Blair

Steffan Rhodri plays DS Alex Blair in Wild Bill

Who is DS Alex Blair? A detective sergeant at East Lincs.

What else has Steffan Rhodri been in? The Welsh actor starred as Dave Coaches in Gavin & Stacey, and played Ministry maintenance man Reg Cattermole in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Recent roles include Judge Gwyn Daniels in Keeping Faith, and DC Neil Jones in Manhunt.

Anthony Flanagan plays PC Sean Cobley

Anthony Flanagan plays PC Sean Cobley in Wild Bill

Who is PC Sean Cobley? Described as “a wiry, punchy, grizzled street cop,” PC Sean Cobley is a local lad who became a policeman and “doesn’t suffer fools”. He is unimpressed by the arrival of Bill Hixon.

What else has Anthony Flanagan been in? Best-known for his role as policeman Tony in Channel 4 drama Shameless, Anthony Flanagan has since starred as Bastien in the TV series Versailles, unpleasant tenant Sam Sowden in Sally Wainwright’s Gentleman Jack, and John Morfin in The Terror.

Divian Ladwa plays PC Drakes

Divian Ladwa plays PC Drakes

Who is PC Drakes? PC Cobley’s sidekick, and one of the junior police officers within the team. He is a bit of a joker but is also a serious professional, though he is “very much a follower rather than a leader”.

What else has Divian Ladwa been in? The actor appeared in Oscar-nominated movie Lion in the role of Mantosh Brierley, as well as comedy series Detectorists and Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Aleksander Jovanovic plays Oleg Kraznov

Aleksander Jovanovic plays Oleg Kraznov in Wild Bill

Who is Oleg Kraznov? According to ITV, “Oleg Krasnov is a Russian who has become the pre-eminent in the local community. Neither a thug nor a refined villain, he’s intelligent and resourceful enough that he could start a criminal enterprise anywhere in the world. He has a talent for finding people’s weak spots… Oleg is an ambitious man and has made it his mission to destroy Bill.”

What else has Aleksander Jovanovic been in? Born in Germany, Aleksander Jovanovic has appeared in a long list of German TV shows and movies. British viewers may recognise him as Urquhart from Robert Pattinson movie The Lost City of Z, or as Dr Sim from 2016 Doctor Who episode The Return of Doctor Mysterio, or as Adam from Cold Feet.

Angela Griffin plays Lisa Cranston

Angela Griffin plays Lisa Cranston in Wild Bill

Who is Lisa Cranston? Described as a “bloodhound”, Lisa is a reporter for local newspaper The Boston Stump. She is “smart, worldly, and a force of nature” and “can sniff out the headlines before they happen.”

What else has Angela Griffin been in? The actress and TV presenter cut her teeth in the 90s as Fiona Middleton in Coronation Street. She has also starred in Cutting It, Holby City, Down to Earth, Waterloo Road (as teacher Kim Campbell), Mount Pleasant, Turn Up Charlie, and Lewis – and she often appears as a panelist or presenter on daytime TV shows.

Vicki Pepperdine plays pathologist Broadbent

Vicki Pepperdine plays pathologist Broadbent in Wild Bill

Who is Broadbent? The pathologist. She actively working with the dead and is “one-of-a-kind”, with an usual sense of humour.

What else has Vicki Pepperdine been in? Recent credits include The Woman in White, The Windsors, High & Dry, Sally4Ever, and Cuckoo. She played Dr Pippa Moore in Getting On.

Susan Lynch plays Angie

Susan Lynch plays Angie in Wild Bill

Who is Angie? It has been years since Angie’s daughter Mel (played by Hollie Dennard Woolhead) went missing, leaving behind her Polish boyfriend Marek Rudnicka (Julian Kostov). Now there has been a new development in the case.

What else has Susan Lynch been in? Susan Lynch recently played Anna in the TV series Killing Eve, and Angstrom in Doctor Who episode The Ghost Monument. Other roles include Susannah in Apple Tree Yard, Stace in Save Me, and Alison Garrs in Happy Valley. The Northern Irish actress is married to Line of Duty star Craig Parkinson, who will also appear in Wild Bill.


Wild Bill began on Wednesday 12th June and continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV