Who is Michael Griffiths? Meet the Love Island series 5 contestant and firefighter

Michael rates himself a ten out of ten

Michael on Love Island, ITV Pictures

Love Island is back for its fifth series, with a brand new set of Islanders ready to crack on and mug off in the villa.


Here’s the lowdown on Michael Griffiths, who’s part of the first batch jetting off to Majorca…

Meet Michael Griffiths…

Who is Michael partnered up with in the villa? Michael initially matched with Lucie after she said he looked to be a bad boy – which was right up her street. But she then left him for Joe and Michael coupled with Yewande – although he now has his eye on Amber, who seems to share his feelings, so who knows how long his current coupling will last…

Age: 27

From: Liverpool

Job: Firefighter

Instagram: @mac_griffiths_

Michael’s USP? He’s a rugged and handsome firefighter.

“Who doesn’t want their own firefighter?” he joked. “Their own hero.”

It’s his unique vocation which sees Michael cheekily rate himself a 10/10.

“I’d rate myself ten out of ten, I would have said nine but I’m a hero so it bumps it up,” he said.

Michael Griffiths Love Island (instagram)

But aside from his day job, Michael believes his down-to-earth attitude and energy are what will make him a catch in the villa.

“’I’m a straight-talking guy, I’ll tell people how it is. I’m open and energetic, so I’m easy to get along with,” he said.

However, his forthright attitude can land Michael in trouble.

“People don’t always like the truth,” he said. “Even though it’s one of the best things about me, it’s also one of the worst. I’ll just say it how it is.

“I also eat a lot, little and often, people might find that quite annoying. And I’m always late!”

What is Michael looking for in the villa?

A “nice bum” is a plus for Michael – but it’s more important to have that initial spark.

“[I’m looking for] somebody I can get along with on an intellectual level and have a conversation with and not be lost in translation. But also have a bit about them, not take themselves too seriously and have a bit of banter,” he said.

“If I like somebody then I’ll go for it. There’s not really anything that could stop me. Everybody I meet will be a new person so they’re not going to be my best mate, so if a girl I’m speaking to is coupled up and we get on, I’m still going to talk to her.”

What has Michael been up to in the villa?

He ramped up his pursuit of Amber after her date with Danny, telling her that he fancies her.

“I’m trying to gauge whether she actually likes me or not,” he said. “She doesn’t give me any feedback. She just likes to smile at me. I’ll take that as positive feedback.”

The pair have now (finally) shared their first kiss, but their fragile union may be at risk already following Michael’s date with new bombshell Maura


Love Island launches on Monday 3rd June on ITV