This fan-made Ode to a Timelord features some incredible impressions as all 14 Doctors join in

Listen to impersonations of every incarnation of the Timelord, accompanied by clips from Doctor Who

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The creative team behind fan fiction Doctor Who audio stories like the Ninth and Twelfth Doctor mash-up Exhausted Supplies, are back with their latest offering – and it’s safe to say they’ve upped the ante.


Ode To a Timelord – a poem about the Doctor’s unique lifestyle – features impersonations of all 14 incarnations, from William Hartnell’s First Doctor, right through to Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth.

There are some eerily accurate impressions in the mix, not least Dead Ringers star Jon Culshaw’s Tom Baker/Fourth Doctor, Pete Walsh’s Christopher Eccleston/Ninth Doctor, Jonathon Carley’s John Hurt/War Doctor and Wendy Abrahams as the current Doctor.

The poem is also paired with some clips featuring the Doctors in question, including colourised footage from the First and Second Doctors’ original black-and-white adventures.


The full cast features Siobhan Gallichan as the First Doctor, Chris Walker-Thomson as the Second, Marshall Tankersley as the Third, Jon Culshaw as the Fourth, Wink Taylor as the Fifth and Seventh, Angus Villiers-Stuart as the Sixth and Eighth, Jonathon Carley as the War and Twelfth Doctors, Pete Walsh as the Ninth, Elliott Crossley as the Tenth, Jamie House as the Eleventh and Wendy Abrahams as the Thirteenth Doctor.