7 questions we NEED answered after The Bay episode 2

Let's take a closer look at the ITV crime drama starring Morven Christie...

The Bay

Episode two of The Bay only deepens the mystery as DS Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) struggles to work out what happened to teenage twins Dylan and Holly, who vanished one night in the coastal town of Morecambe.


Dylan is dead, and Holly is still missing. But who is responsible? And what is going on with Lisa’s own teenage children Rob and Abbie?

Here’s what we’re still wondering after episode two…

1. Will Nick Mooney survive?

The Bay

Right at the end of the episode, we see Sean Meredith (Jonas Armstrong) take “justice” into his own hands, waiting for Nick Mooney (Matthew McNulty) to leave his house by bike and then running him down in his van. Just at the moment the two collide – the screen cuts to black. Cliffhanger!

Nick is under suspicion for Dylan’s murder and Holly’s disappearance, and was taken into police custody after turning up at Jess and Sean’s house with a card that simply read: “I’m sorry.” Nick has an intellectual disability, and was caught on CCTV at the youth club arguing with Dylan (who apparently called him cruel ableist slurs); he was also seen cycling off in the direction of the pier, where Dylan’s body was later discovered.

However, his mother says he was just going on a detour to buy her cigarettes, and the case against him is by no means proven (we’re only at episode two, after all). He has been released from custody and told not to leave town.

Unfortunately, grieving parents Jess and Sean are furious at being kept out of the loop by the police – and they are convinced of Nick’s guilt, evidence or no evidence.

So has Sean really run Nick over, and will he survive the crash? We’ll have to wait for episode three to find out…

2. Who is messaging Lisa’s son – and why?

The Bay

Lisa may think she has nothing to worry about with Rob (Art Parkinson), who has so far been her studious, introverted, well-behaved “golden child” – unlike his troublesome sister Abbie (Imogen King). But Lisa has no idea what is really going on in her son’s life.

Ominously, someone has been sending the teenager instructions on his mobile and laptop, and now this unknown sender has instructed him to break the law. In episode two, Rob is assigned to film himself stealing a bottle of vodka from the supermarket and post the video online for his friends’ approval. It doesn’t come naturally, but after he pulls it off, another message arrives: “That’s just the start. Are you up for another?”

So who is sending these messages? What is Rob hoping to achieve by following their instructions? And will this tie in with the death of Dylan and the disappearance of Holly?

3. Who is Wilko? And what’s with all the drugs?

The Bay

Lisa’s daughter Abbie is currently suspended from school for punching a classmate, giving her plenty of time to find trouble on the streets of Morecambe. Trouble has come in the form of Vincent (Adam Long), a charming and good-looking construction worker who has taken a shine to 15-year-old Abbie. Alarm bells!

While Vincent refuses Abbie’s advances (thanks to her age), he has been carefully cultivating a “friendship” with her – and now we see why. In episode two, Vincent asks her to pass on a package to a boy called Wilko at school, charming her into agreeing to the favour – despite the fact that she’s banned from school premises. At home, Abbie opens the package and finds a massive supply of baggies full of powder.

Why is Vincent using her as a middle-man to deliver the drugs? Is Vincent working for someone else? And who is this Wilko guy? The alarm bells are ringing louder than ever.

4. Does Sean’s alibi stand up?

The Bay

DI Tony Manning (Daniel Ryan) and his team have been struggling to pinpoint Sean’s whereabouts on the night of the twins’ disappearance – an especially difficult task, considering Lisa’s hasty cover-up operation. (And surely that will come back to bite her soon?)

Sean was on a night out with some mates at a karaoke bar, but went AWOL for a chunk of the evening and won’t say where he was, claiming drunkenness. Awkwardly, DS Lisa Armstrong has known all along that he spent some of the evening having sex with her in a back alley, but having already lied about this and deleted the CCTV evidence, she can’t come clean now.

In episode two, we find out that Sean apparently had impressive stamina despite all that alcohol – because after his tryst with Lisa, he was caught on CCTV visiting his best friend’s wife Hannah at her house. Hannah says they had sex. So even without Lisa telling the truth about her sexual encounter, Sean now apparently has an alibi.

But is it as watertight as it seems? Does that account for all the time he wasn’t with his friends – or Lisa – that evening? Plus, Hannah’s flat is in a house associated with human trafficking and there’s definitely something odd about that…

5. What happened between Sam and Abbie?

The Bay

Schoolkid Sam (Louis Greatorex) is a friend of Rob’s, but he has mortally offended Rob’s sister Abbie for some reason he doesn’t fully understand. And now he no longer feels welcome at their house.

What is going on here, and what will the repercussions be for these three teenagers?

6. Is Holly dead?

The Bay

In a sombre moment at the end of episode two, Holly’s Tipp-Ex-covered black backpack is found washed up on the beach. Dylan’s body has already been recovered and identified by his grandmother. But where is Holly?

Unless her remains are discovered, or until we find out what happened to the twins that night, there is still a possibility that she will be discovered alive.

7. What’s the real story with Sean and Jess?

The Bay

Jess’s mum Margaret (Tracie Bennett) certainly has some strong opinions on Sean and his talents as a boyfriend and stepdad. “Not a great improvement on Lee,” she tells Lisa, referring to the twins’ birth father Lee Ward. And while he may have loved Holly and Dylan, he is “no angel”: she paints Sean as an unreliable man who often disappears without warning or explanation.

It is also clear that Jess is deeply disappointed in Sean, and that their relationship is rocky. Although she doesn’t believe Sean harmed Dylan or Holly, he was the one who failed to collect the twins from the youth club on the night they went missing; perhaps none of this would have happened if he’d kept his word?

And there’s more: she doesn’t even know yet that he skipped out on his responsibilities in order to have sex in a back alley and then (apparently) again with his best friend’s wife. We’re still waiting for her reaction to that bombshell (if she does ever find out).

What more will we discover about Sean and Jess’ relationship, and what could it tell us about Dylan and Holly’s disappearance on that fateful night? Is there more to uncover about the ugly breakup with the twins’ biological father, whose tell-all to the local newspaper gives a completely different version of events? And are there more family secrets to unravel?


This article was originally published on 27 March 2019

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