Did you recognise Holby City’s Victoria Parker from the Superman films?

The BBC1 medical drama's newest patient was once a big-screen super-villain


Fans of superhero movies may be doing a double take if they tune in to tonight’s Holby City, as they’ll be met with the sight of actress Sarah Douglas making a guest appearance. The star is, of course, known to a generation as Kryptonian super-villain Ursa in both Superman: The Movie and Superman II.


Playing General Zod’s co-conspirator led to Douglas landing roles in other cult franchises: in 1984, she appeared as evil Queen Taramis in Conan the Destroyer and as Pamela in the sci-fi mini-series V The Final Battle.

Soap fans may also recognise her from her years on 1980s’ sudsy melodrama Falcon Crest, where she played another Pamela, who, in this case, was the ruthless and scheming former employee of the Cartel.

In more recent years, the Warwickshire-born star has returned to the world of fantasy entertainment, giving voice to characters on Green Lantern: the Animated Series, Iron Man and Batman of the Future. And in a neat bit of casting, she was also seen recently as high priestess Jindah Kol Rizz in a 2018 episode of Supergirl.

30876 06: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and actress Sarah Douglas rehearse January, 1984 in Hollywood, CA. They play Conan and Queen Taramis in
Sarah Douglas with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of Conan the Destroyer (Getty)

What is Sarah Douglas’s role on Holby City?

As for this latest role on Holby City, Douglas will be seen as Victoria Parker, a patient on the wards who attracts the attention of Dr Kian Madani (Ramin Karimloo). Madani feels that he knows Victoria from somewhere (and no, it’s not the Superman films), but what is the secret she’s keeping? And what reaction will Madani get when he realises who she is?


This week’s other plotlines see a carefree Chloe (Amy Lennox) return, only to learn that Dom is in fact her brother. And Ric is forced to leave theatre early when his granddaughter Darla arrives on the ward feeling unwell. With Essie’s help, Ric realises that there is more going on than meets the eye and allows Darla to open up about her pregnancy.