Line of Duty: who exactly was Jackie Laverty?

An icy corpse from series one has become an important part of the series five investigation. Confused? Let us fill in the blanks...


We haven’t seen her since series one, but Jackie Laverty has once again returned to Line of Duty. Well, her body, anyway.


During the fourth episode of series five, the icy corpse of this key character was spotted in a freezer belonging to Terry, a man with Down’s Syndrome who’s regularly exploited by the OCG.

But who exactly is Laverty? And what’s her connection the balaclava gang? You have to go back to series one to recall her backstory…

Line of Duty - Laverty's legs

Jackie Laverty was a divorced businesswoman played by Gina McKee who was having an affair with series one “antagonist” DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James).

Their relationship was the main reason he kept getting into such trouble with AC-12 after she killed someone in a hit and run – and he helped her try and cover up the crime.

Only, of course, the person she killed was her accountant who it seems had cottoned on to the fact that his client was running a money laundering operation and was involved with some very dodgy people. Not exactly a coincidence.

The volatile Laverty’s time came to an abrupt halt when her quiet night in with Tony was interrupted by a gang of masked criminals who burst in, pinned her down and slit her throat.

Gates was hit over the head and his fingerprints were placed on the murder weapon as a means of blackmailing him.

In subsequent episodes, he was shown Laverty’s body by the thugs who arranged her death – and Gates later returned to try and retrieve it without success. The body has been missing ever since and Gates died in the series one finale.

Was Laverty’s reappearance in series five just a (very gruesome) Easter egg for long-time Line of Duty fans? Or is her rediscovered corpse going to play a bigger role in episodes to come?


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