Did this MAJOR Luther character really just die?

The series five finale appeared to kill off two major characters – but could one still be alive?

Idris Elba in Luther (BBC)

Luther is about to usurp Line of Duty as the drama that kills off more major characters than any other show.


Series five has already delivered the heart-breaking loss of Benny in episode three, and now fans are reeling from another two shock deaths in Friday night’s series finale.

But is one of those characters actually dead?

***Major spoilers ahead for Luther series five***

The first major death in episode four was the callous killing of DS Catherine Halliday, randomly shot in the head by Alice Morgan while she was speaking to Luther on the street. There is, sadly, no ambiguity surrounding her fate.

Wunmi Mosaku in Luther (BBC)

But it’s the second death that we have questions about: that of Alice herself.

She appeared to die after her confrontation with Luther, when she fell off the edge of the scaffolding inside a building site. She plummeted at least two storeys, and in the last viewers saw of her, she was lying motionless on the floor.

Surely she didn’t survive that fall? Except, of course, we have been tricked into thinking Alice was dead before.

Ruth Wilson in Luther (BBC)

In series four, we were led to believe that Alice had drowned in an Antwerp canal, but as we now know, she had faked her own death.

Clearly, Alice isn’t conning anyone this time, but will writer Neil Cross bring her back again in a potential Luther film?

Watch this space…


This article was originally published on 4 January 2019