Who is Kush Khanna? The Shipwrecked contestant is an actor and singer who’s recorded music with Geri Halliwell

The 26-year-old Londoner is the island's self-proclaimed “director of fun!”

Kush, Shipwrecked (C4)

Shipwrecked contestant Kush Khanna

Name: Kush Khanna


Age: 26

From: London

Occupation: Singer, actor, recruitment manager

Instagram: kushting

Twitter: @Kushting

Bio: Kush is not only a recruitment manager for a boutique fitness studio, but also a singer and actor – the classic trio. His claim to fame is that Simon Fuller and Geri Halliwell signed his band – “I used to go to Geri’s house to rehearse”. The group has since disbanded but Kush is releasing his own solo music.

What skills did he bring to the camp? “I call myself the director of fun!” says Kush. “I brought style and fun to it all. Speaking to my tribe, they said I was the glue in camp. I kept morale up. I made sure the camp was clean and everyone interacted. I am quite high energy.”

Was Kush looking for romance on the island? “I was so open to finding someone. But I am very picky! When you are out there, you are so focused about growing in yourself that you almost think you don’t want anyone.”

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When did Kush work with Geri Halliwell? “Simon Fuller and Geri Halliwell signed me and my band [to their management label] at the age of 17. It was amazing. I thought my life was made…

“I used to go to Geri’s house to rehearse. She was really nice, crazy fun and I got to hang out with her. But one of our band members left and so we disbanded. That experience made me a bit bitter. Now I take everything with a pinch of salt. Anyone can dangle something in your face but I have learned it can all be taken away from you.”

Would he like to do more TV? “I would like to do presenting but realistically, I want to tour the world with my music. I would like to play at Madison Garden.”

What acting work has Kush done? Kush starred in the 2018 movie Boogie Man alongside Sex Education’s Simone Ashley and Clique’s Ella-Rae Smith. Check out the trailer below…


Shipwrecked airs on weeknights on E4 starting at 9pm on Monday 28th January