Luther viewers are listing all the everyday things they’re now too scared to do

No more night buses, doctors or rolling suitcases

Luther, night bus (BBC)

Luther series five is off to an eerie start, shaking its viewers to the core – so much so that a number of them have taken to Twitter to lay out all of the routine things they’re now too scared to do.


The first episode saw a killer in a clown mask murder a young girl sat alone on a London night bus – so, yeah, late night public transport is ruled out for sure.

The second saw the killer attempt to corral a victim by replying to a woman who was selling her fridge online. eBay can say goodbye to the UK market…

“Just taken my fridge off eBay,” Twitter user @scottacr wrote.

The episode also revealed that the murderer is a surgeon – meaning that if viewers weren’t already nervous at the prospect of an operation, they’re now downright terrified. Add to that running through the woods, getting appliances repaired, using rolling suitcases and turning on lights, and you’ve got quite a list, just two episodes into the series.

Just think how restricted the lives of these scaredy cats will be in the BBC1 drama’s wake, after it comes to an end on Friday.

We’d suggest therapy, but that one is ruled out, too…


This article was originally published on 3 January 2019