Viewers applaud the Dynasties film crew for stepping in to save some adorable penguins

The team decided to interfere with nature to save a group of trapped penguins

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A pair of six-week-old chicks, left on their own by their parents, huddle together for warmth. Atka Bay, Antarctica.  - (C) Stefan Christmann - Photographer: Stefan Christmann TL

Although it’s usually a rule not to interfere with the wildlife you’re filming, the camera crew of David Attenborough series Dynasties took the decision to help out some Emperor penguins during a recent episode.


After witnessing a group of Antarctic penguin mums carrying chicks on their feet trapped in a small ravine in -60C temperatures, the team carved a small ramp to help them escape.

Luckily, the plan worked: the birds soon waddled up the frozen steps and out of the gorge, re-joining the colony.

And viewers at home were overjoyed the crew had stepped in…

Many argued they were completely justified in intruding on nature…

And overall, it made the perfect end to an episode that reignited the nation’s love of penguins…

Unfortunately, the next Dynasties episode won’t see any penguins waddling across our screens, instead following a lion pride on Kenya’s Masai Mara. But don’t expect it to be an easy watch: as the adult males have all deserted the group, it’s down to two females to protect eight cubs from a range of threats.


This article was originally published on 19 November 2018

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