Billy Connolly assures fans he’s “not dying, not dead, not slipping away”

BBC documentary Billy Connolly: Made In Scotland had given viewers cause to worry about his health

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Billy Connolly has assured fans that he is “not dying” after opening up about his struggle with Parkinson’s disease during two-part BBC documentary, Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland.


The comedian was blunt about his health issues in the final instalment of the series, saying: “my Parkinson’s is not going to go away and it’s going to get worse – my life is slipping away.”

But he has since shared a much cheerier video via his wife Pamela Stephenson’s Twitter feed to reassure worried viewers. In the clip, playing the banjo beside a sun-soaked lake, he changed his tune. “Not dying, not dead, not slipping away,” he said. “Sorry if I depressed you. Maybe I should have phrased it better.”

Watch the clip below.

Connolly first opened up about his struggle with Parkinson’s disease back in 2012. Last year, after Michael Parkinson suggested during an interview that the comedian’s “wonderful brain has dulled”, Stephenson refuted the claim.

“Mike Parkinson is a daft old fart – doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” she wrote on Twitter. “Billy’s doing great and still funny as hell.”


Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland is currently available on BBC iPlayer