Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Sian Gabbidon: the swimwear brand owner with Love Island friends

The businesswoman and model wants to "get in there like swimwear" with Lord Sugar

Sian Gabbidon, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Owner of Leeds-based swimwear range Sian Marie Fashion, Apprentice candidate Sian has already made a splash with her range (Sian Marie), with the likes of Love Island’s Kaz Crossley modelling her products.


Sian also models her own creations and wants to get “in there like swimwear with Lord Sugar”, which leaves quite the mental image of the former Amstrad owner in a bikini.

And fun fact: Sian had trials at Leeds football club. Although she claims she was “really good” at the sport, she didn’t turn professional after refusing to head the ball.

Sian says Coco Chanel is her role model in business, as she “came from nothing and worked her way to the top”.

How did Sian get to The Apprentice 2018 final?

Sian’s performance stats for this year’s tasks (not including the interview round)

Overall wins: 6

Wins as a project manager: 2

Overall losses: 4

Losses as a project manager: 0

Final boardroom appearances after tasks: 1

Sian had a slow start to the process, keeping relatively quiet in the first three tasks. Then in week four she found herself in the final boardroom after failing to sell in the Bodybuilding Expo task.

However, she soon bounced back, leading Team Typhoon to a victory in the Women’s designer shoe challenge. She later achieved a second victory as project manager in the TV shopping channel task, making the decisive call not to lower product prices.

In terms of tasks, Sian has a considerably better record than fellow finalist Camilla. Unlike Camilla, Sian has never lost as project manager (Camilla lost leading Team Typhoon in the Christmas Chocolate task). Plus, Sian has only appeared in the final boardroom once (in week four), whereas Camilla has been in the bottom three on three occasions.

Sian Gabbidon: The Facts

Age: 25

Occupation: Owner, Swimwear Brand

Lives: Leeds

Twitter: @siangabbidon

Instagram: @siangabbidon


LinkedIn: Sian Gabbidon – Sian Marie Fashion owner

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