Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Kurran Pooni – a law graduate turned budding actor

This business hopeful has seemingly entered the wrong show

Kurran Pooni, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

The Apprentice 2018 candidates: Kurran Pooni

Age: 22


Occupation: Law graduate from the University of Law

Lives: London

Best/worst quote: “My motto for life is ‘vibes speak louder than words’.”



Who is Kurran Pooni?

Apparently, this series’ posh boy. With his dad casually owning his own airline, the 22-year-old trained lawyer went to school at the highly prestigious Haberdashers’ Aske’s school before getting his LL.B at the private University of Law.

According to his LinkedIn, Kurran has only done work placements – however, it hasn’t been updated for two years, so maybe he’s been smashing it since then.

Kurran, or ‘Kuz’ as he refers to himself on his Instagram, says he has a keen creative eye, is a solid team player and is confident that he’ll cope well with ‘managing egos’ – and he’s bound to have his work cut out judging by the other candidates on The Apprentice.

But unlike his rivals, Kurran admits that while he does “eat, sleep and breathe success”, he doesn’t “eat, sleep and breathe” business. Which makes you wonder why on earth he applied for the show.

What can we expect from Kurran?

Kurran backs himself, which is a vital quality for a younger, less experienced candidate on The Apprentice. Speaking during his audition, he says confidently, “I don’t need to see the other candidates to know that they can’t offer what I offer because no-one on this planet offers what I offer.” He then adds that Lord Sugar will “struggle not to just hire him on the first day.” Which usually means he’ll be the first one to go.

Outside the world of work, Kurran confessed that he would like to be an actor, as it’s a passion he’s following and know he’ll be best at.

But will he be able to give an Oscar-winning performance at convincing Lord Sugar to hire him? Or will he just wind up being another great pretender?


The Apprentice is on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC 1