Is Elf on TV this Christmas?

The Will Ferrell-led Christmas film is more accessible than ever this year...

Elf, Will Ferrell (BA)

Every Christmas at, we are faced with the same question, a thousand times over. Is Elf on TV this year? Where can I watch Elf? Is Elf on Netflix? And we do our best to answer it, even when it may not be what people are hoping for.


One dark year, the Will Ferrell-led Christmas film wasn’t on TV or available to watch online, a terribly sad state of affairs  – so we are ecstatic to report that this year Elf is not only on terrestrial UK television, but it is also available to stream at any time on one of the major subscription streaming platforms. Find our where below…

Is Elf on TV this year?

Yes! Elf will air on ITV at 6pm on Sunday 16th December. It’s also repeated on ITV2 on Sunday 23rd December at 4.55pm.

Where else can I watch Elf?

Amazon subscribers can stream the film as many times as they like right NOW on Prime Video.

If you’re not a Prime subscriber, you can get a 30 day trial for free.


Is Elf on Netflix?

It is not. Netflix may rule the roost in terms of original content, but Amazon has Elf – so who’s the real winner this Christmas?