Spock plays a major role in new Star Trek: Discovery season 2 trailer

Ethan Peck’s Vulcan scientist warns of a sinister new threat: The Red Angel

Spock plays a major role in the Star Trek: Discovery season 2 trailer

Okay, Star Trek fans, we’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The Good: a new trailer for Discovery season 2 has landed and it features a lot of Ethan Peck’s new beardy Spock. The bad: he’s there to warn everyone about a mysterious new force set to destroy Starfleet and the known galaxy.


As well as seemingly connected to ‘red bursts’ that suddenly appear in space, the trailer reveals that this deadly creature – known as The Red Angel – announced its arrival to Spock in the form of a terrifying prophecy.

“This angel showed me an apocalyptic vision, someone… or something is going to end all sentient life in the galaxy,” he says. “There’s a great responsibility at hand, this could be the defining moment for multiple civilizations—millions of lives.”

Alongside a tease of The Red Angel, the trailer also crams in glimpses of Klingon combat, zero-G rescues, Saru imprisoned by a slimy monster, Anson Mount’s Captain Pike and the return of Mirror Universe evil Empress version of Philippa Georgiou, back to show off her swish badge for Starfleet black ops squad Section 31.


Just how all of this fits together into one story arc we can’t exactly be sure, but one thing’s certain: upcoming episodes will take Discovery where no Trekkie has been before.

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