Can you spot all the Doctor Who secrets in this 2-hour video of a burning log?

It's a slow burner...


In what might the longest teaser ever, BBC America have released a a two-hour long video of a burning yule log ahead of the Doctor Who New Year’s special — and it’s packed as full as a Christmas stocking with potential clues. (If you can stick around long enough…)


The video shows a fire crackling merrily in a hearth, hung with stockings and Tardis-themed decorations. There are also an assortment of picture frames, snow globes and tree decorations with faint, moving images inside, which all change as the minutes tick by.

Images include a snowy background, a Christmassy wreath hung outside the Tardis, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) herself , and more— but why take our word for it? Pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and kick back in front of a roaring (or vworping) fire.

How many clues can you spot?


This article was originally published on 7 December 2018