I’m a Celebrity 2018 day 22: Harry Redknapp – king of the jungle

Harry has gone and won the thing

Harry Redknapp, Im a Celeb (ITV Screenshot)

Day twenty-two


The three finalists – Harry, John and Emily – took on individual bushtucker trials, and the public crowned Harry Redknapp king of the jungle.

Emily Atack goes face-to-face with the critters

In her final bushtucker trial, the former Inbetweeners star was forced to don a large spacesuit helmet filled with critters for five minutes. Each minute, more creatures – like, 3,000 cockroaches and 20 scorpions – were dumped in, and it looked like a tough one to take – but she managed to face it quite bravely.

In doing so, she won three tasty starters and desserts for her and her campmates for their final meal.

John Barrowman eats his way to a feast

John had an even less enticing Bushtucker trial, in which hosts Holly and Dec presented him with one nice plate – like a sticky toffee pudding – and one disgusting one – like bull penis – and awarded him a star if he took on the latter.

He faced it like a champ, and took in a particularly disgusting-looking drink made with fermented egg and some beach worms to ensure that his campmates would be able to enjoy a tasty treat later on. Most impressively of all, he managed to turn down an Aperol Spritz, which, in that Australian heat, will have looked like a dream.

Harry’s box of nightmares

The third and final bushtucker challenge saw Harry Redknapp placed in a coffin-like box, which, as Harry said himself, felt a little cruel “at his age”. To make matters worse, they filled it with water, rats and some bugs, and he had to stay in there for five minutes.

It was a grim affair, and though Harry got squirmy when Dec revealed that the things crawling all-over him were rats (it was pitch black in the box), he managed to survive the challenge and secure his portion of the final feast.

When he got out, however, the doc discovered that he had gotten a cricket caught in his ear.

We’re happy to report that neither the cricket, nor Harry, were harmed.

John Barrowman finishes in third place

John graciously departed the jungle first on the night, gushing about the life-changing experience that he had in there, and the friends he had made – in particular, finalist Emily Atack, who he said had become a lifelong friend.

But, when asked who he thought should win, he plumped for ‘Arry, much like 4th place contestant Fleur East, and… Well.

Harry Redknapp crowned king of the jungle

And so, it was as many had anticipated. Harry has been the star of the series from day one – and, after cultivating a bromance with Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles, and serving as a father-figure to the younger ones in the camp, he proved rather popular inside and out.

He had never watched the show before, but had no problem conquering it…

Bow before your king.

Day twenty-one

The three finalists of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2018 were revealed, but not before the four remaining campmates – Fleur East, Harry Redknapp, John Barrowman and Emily Atack – looked back on their three weeks together in the camp.

The Celebrity Cyclone

The Cyclone, one of the more entertaining and less gruesome trials, went off without a hitch this year. Sure, all of our celebs got a few balls in the face, and Fleur had to drag Harry around on the mat like a dog to stop him from sliding back into the pool – but failure never really seemed likely.

Jungle: The Musical

There has been A LOT of singing in this series of I’m A Celeb, thanks predominantly to Fleur and John (the former sung Baby It’s Cold Outside elsewhere in this episode – she clearly missed the news that the song has been cancelled) and tonight was no exception. The four remaining housemates composed a musical based on their time in the camp on the spot. It was a bit ramshackle – but impressive nonetheless.

Harry served as a kind of master of ceremonies from his seat, while  John led the girls in song. “We came into the jungle on helicopter machines,” he sanf, “we flew past the mountains but were split up in two teams…”

They went on to do a campy re-enactment of his jungle injury, which saw him rushed off to hospital temporarily earlier on in the series.

After the footage of the musical had aired, Dec and Holly joked that there is an unedited, hour-long version of the musical somewhere. We’d like to get our hands on that…

The gang discuss their highs and lows of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here 2018

The campmates were feeling nostalgic on their second-to-last night in camp, and got into a deep chat about their personal highlights from the past three weeks over the meal (kangaroo) that they won after conquering the cyclone.

Emily Atak was first up and she said that the show has changed her life, citing the viper trial as having helped her overcome her fears.

Fleur was similarly positive about the whole experience, but her top moment was the night out they had in The Jungle Arms. “That night i was just so happy,” she said. “Honestly one of the best memories of my life, period.” Her low point was the bushtucker trial were she encountered a nest of rats.

John, on the other hand, was positive about that  trial, because it helped him face his biggest fear. “One of my fears was being in a confined space in water, and I overcame it,” He said.

And Harry… well, he couldn’t think about much other than the banquet – one of their finest meals over the course of the series.

Fleur is leaves the camp – and the final three are revealed

Fleur East was sadly voted out by the public, leaving Harry, Emily and John to compete for the Jungle crown in Sunday’s final.

In her post-exit interview with Holly and Dec, she said that Harry had been like a father to her in the jungle, and that she wants him to win. She also doubled down on all the positive energy that has been seeping out of the camp this series.

“We made so many good friends in there, we became like family,” she said. “It was just amazing.”

Now on to Sunday’s grand final where one of Emily Atack, John Barrowman and Harry Redknapp will be crowned king or queen of the jungle…

Day twenty

And then there were five. With Nick Knowles voted out the contest, the final camp quintet entered their last weekend in the jungle with some tearful family reunions, a sneaky one-to-one and yet another elimination.

Harry checks in at the Repvile Centre

Not having taken on a Bushtucker Trial solo yet, Harry (surely destined to become Sir Harry after this series) put himself forward for the Repvile Centre challenge.

It was a task that saw Harry crawl through a series of critter-crammed tanks, having to retrieve five stars using only a magnet. But rather than freaking out about the cunningham skints, perenti lizards, crocs and bearded dragons that got in the way, he calmly tried talking them on board (“Boys, boys, I’m on your side!”).

Not even the albino darwin pythons really phased him, with Harry shouting to Holly Willoughby: “As long as it doesn’t end up in my trousers, I’m happy!”

As brilliant viewing as that would have been, the task was finished without incident and Harry returned to camp with an impressive five out of five stars.

James throws some serious shade

Later in the episode, viewers witnessed some more snakey-behaviour – thankfully still outside of Harry Redknapp’s trousers – courtesy of James.

Sitting down for a heart-to-heart with Harry, The Vamps star covered up his microphone as he said: “I don’t like to be mean but there’s quite a few actors, people who are acting, people are singing for camera and I’m just here like this is me – I don’t want to show off. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes.”

He added: “This show will be amazing for Emily and Fleur it will really help their careers.”

Some strong words from James, who seemed to suggest his career is in a better place than Emily’s or Fleur’s. Imagine it would be quite embarrassing for him if a viewer vote found he was less well-known than one of those campmates, right?

The British Public declare Fleur more famous than James in the Jungle Awards

#SorryNotSorry, James.

After viewers of I’m a Celeb spin-off Extra Camp were invited to vote on the show’s app, this episode hosted a special Jungle Awards ceremony. And, would you believe it, James was voted the least entertaining and only the fourth most famous campmate – behind Fleur.

In order, the rankings were as follows:

Famous – Harry, John, Fleur, James and Emily

Funniest – Harry, Emily, John, Fleur and James

Sexiest – Fleur, Emily, James, John, Harry

Opinionated – John, Harry, Fleur, Emily and James

Laziest – Harry, Emily, John, James and Fleur

Intelligent John, James, Harry, Fleur and Emily

Entertaining – Harry, John, Emily, Fleur and James.

A good ole family reunion

Bad news if public blubbering makes you uncomfortable: this episode contained a lot after the campmates were reunited with their nearest and dearest. From Emily and her mum, Harry Redknapp and his wife (you remember, the one he accidentally run over), Fleur and her sister, James and his girlfriend, each emotional get-together featured plenty of tears.

Even John’s much-awaited reunion with husband Scott was downright heart-warming, despite the actor shoving his top in his partner’s face to confirm that, yes, John did in fact smell like he’d been living in a jungle for three weeks.

However, it was Harry’s reunion with his beloved Sandra that got viewers crying…

Eventually the campers and their friends and family mingled together at Croc Creek, a meeting that led to Harry Redknapp, esteemed football manager, teaching his wife how to floss on national TV.

God Bless this show.

James became the seventh star to be eliminated from the jungle

After finishing in the bottom two with Harry (!), James became the seventh celebrity voted out of the camp.

“I’m so happy. It’s been the toughest thing I’ve ever done and I’m over the moon to have done it,” he told Holly and Dec after crossing the bridge.

Day nineteen

In a naughty but nice episode of I’m a Celeb, Harry talks about the ‘motion in the notion’, Fleur gets things ‘in the sack’, and Nick Knowles leaves jungle life behind…

Bedroom antics

With Anne’s departure, Nick Knowles – otherwise known as the nation’s sweetheart – decided to redistribute her old things, giving Harry her mattress as his had started to sink.

With a set of mattresses, very Princess and the Pea-stylem as John noticed, Harry revealed he actually has a waterbed at home.

“I’ve had it a long time, I had bad back problems and it’s been amazing.”

Things quickly turned naughty when Fleur cheekily asked. “Does it give you good motion in the ocean Harry?”

“I don’t know what to say to that,” he laughed.

“That’s all she needs – I do think me and Sandra are drifting apart,” he joked.

In the sack

Tonight’s Bushtucker Trial embraced the festive season, with Fleur and James having to don Father Christmas and Rudolph the red nose reindeer costumes, respectively.

The task, titled Ding Dong Merrily Up High, saw Fleur having to guide a blindfolded James to picking up presents while they were suspended from a great height.

However, while James McVey became James McWheyyyy as he would struggle to retain his balance, Dec and Holly had the best time observing the trial from the sidelines – being unable to control themselves over the phrase ‘in the sack’ – get your mind out the gutter guys.

However, it was James that ended up in the gutter, when he jumped to reach the final parcel – and missed spectacularly.

But the naughty trial turned nice in the end, with the twosome winning four stars for camp.

Film buffs – or buff films?

So we’re all guilty of some weird crushes in our life (we’re starting to feel it for Harry Redknapp, if we’re honest) but Emily Atack tops them all – cartoon characters set her heart aflutter.

As well as Aladdin (understandable) and some characters from Avatar (we sort of get that), Emily truly lost her mind when she said she had the hots for…the candle from Beauty and the Beast.

“I fancy all the Disney princes obviously,” she explained in the Bush Telegraph. “I also fancy some objects and animals that are in Disney films, like the French Candlestick from Beauty and the Beast and I used to be slightly jealous of the feather duster that he used to slightly get off with.”

John revealed his crush was Paddy McGuinness, while Harry chipped in “the woman who was in Dr Zhivago, she’d be about 95 now.”

Jungle lingo

Move over Love Island, the campmates have well and truly pied you by coming up with their own language, inspired by old cockney rhyming slang for breasts – thrupenny bits and Bristol City, if you must know.

Fleur explained in the Bush Telegraph, “Dingo Dollar – collar; a wink and a smile is a trial, cash and carry, Harry; spotty dick, Nick; been and gone, John.”

It’s not quite poetry, but it’s a start.

Fun and games in the Dolls House

In a mission to win a luxury breakfast for camp, John, Emily and Harry were sent to play in a doll’s house for the night.

In what possibly may have been the creepiest challenge yet, the threesome had to stop a series of dolls from crying – all while bugs, spiders and pigeons of all things were dropped on them.

It may have been the fear, it may have been lack of sleep, or it may have been the dizzying excitement of a cooked breakfast, but John and Emily seemed to find the whole thing hilarious – particularly when Harry couldn’t find the particularly elusive Daisy doll.

Despite their fits of giggles, the three managed to win the breakfast for camp – to be enjoyed before someone was kicked out of camp.

Nick no more

Nick Knowles was the sixth celebrity to leave camp – which came as a shock to some, particularly as Nick’s chivalrous and nobility around the camp made him popular to his campmates.

Upon exiting the jungle, he explained he wanted campmates to get along after seeing the division Brexit had caused in the country.

“We’re having such a hard time in the UK at the moment and there’s such division at home, I wanted us to prove a point,” he said.

Day eighteen

John got up close and personal with a cockroach, Nick celebrated his chart success and the campmates went down the boozer – it’s all just another day in the I’m a Celeb camp.

John’s bottom feeder

Tonight’s Bushtucker Trial, titled Rotten Retrieval, saw Fleur and John locked in an underground chamber in an attempt to get all seen stars to feed their increasingly hungry campmates.

But it wasn’t just the celebs that were peckish, as John quickly found out…

Nick Knowles is number 1

Nation’s heartthrob Nick Knowles was informed he was now number 1 on the iTunes chart with his rousing cover of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love.

However, not everyone was impressed with his…unique vocal stylings, with Anne explaining, “It’s not a song I’m particularly crazy about, the most recent thing I bought was Portugal the Man ‘Feel it Still’ which I thought was an excellent song.”

A night down the boozer

The jungle’s legendary pub, The Jungle Arms, was open for business – with the campmates given the opportunity win a seat in the boozer.

Treated to a night of snacks, chips, drinks, the merry campmates launched into some karaoke, with Harry belting out My Way, Anne tackling Mamma Mia and the whole gang giving Uptown Funk a go, led by Fleur.

We said goodbye to Anne

Anne Hegarty was the latest campmate to be voted out the jungle, with The Chase star revealing she had to be talked out of quitting by producers after struggling to adjust to life Down Under.

But she added it was the close friendship she formed with her campmates that kept her in.

Who will be following Anne down that infamous bridge?

Day seventeen

As Harry faced his worst fear, Nick went full-on Baywatch (poor Emily…), there were tears shed, and another celebrity left the jungle… Here’s everything you need to know:

Nick Knowles had a Baywatch moment

Too bad there’s no beach for Nick Knowles to run across in slo-mo in his BRIGHT RED SPEEDOS.

That’s right, Nick stripped down to his smalls in an attempt to keep dry when he and Emily headed off to fetch water — and Emily couldn’t keep the giggles back.

“You couldn’t not mention them,” she explained inside the Bush Telegraph, “it was the elephant in the room — oh no, I can’t say elephant in the room… he’ll be thrilled with that!”

The compliments kept coming, however, when Emily told Nick that he might have just scored himself a future gig as a calender star.

Maybe it was the matching socks that did it.

Harry tackled his fear of rats

Poor Harry. Heading out to take part in Tuesday’s Bushtucker Trial ‘Wicked Warehouse’, there was one thing the former football manager was hoping he wouldn’t have to face: rats.

So, obviously, the powers that be decided to have Emily place not one but two large rats on his stomach.

Still, Harry handled himself pretty well, having a nervous “chat” with the rats. “As long as he [Roland the rat] doesn’t go up my trouser leg,” he said, (half) joking.

“They like to feast on nuts,” Dec replied.

Think Harry probably could have done without that one, Dec.

John Barrowman nicked Prince Charles’ glasses — and peed in his garden

We LIVE for John’s anecdotes — particularly when they include celebs and the former Torchwood actor royally embarrassing himself…

John explained that while performing for Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, he was forced to — ahem — relieve himself in their garden. “I did a private performance for Charles and Camilla at a party at their house in the country,” John told the campmates, “that’s where I peed in Charles’ garden because I was having a tour of the garden and couldn’t get back to the house.”

Not only that — he stole two glasses.“On the way out I took two champagne flutes,” he said.

Luckily, the heir-to-the-throne saw the funny side…

“Two days later, a box arrived at the house in Cardiff from his office of four glasses with a card referencing `we understand you like them’,” John said. Apparently John’s dad uses the royal glasses for his whiskey…

Things got emotional as the campmates received letters from home

The celebs competed to win as many letters from home as possible by passing eggs around — and six made it through. Cue some very teary campmates.

Highlights included Harry’s wife Sandra promising that there’d be jam roly poly waiting for him at home — and John’s husband admitting that “there have been moments when I could see how much you were in need of a good sandwich”.

We said goodbye to Rita

And finally, Rita Simons was the fourth celebrity to leave the jungle.

“It was so much harder than I thought it would be,” she told Dec and Holly. “It’s bloody hard, and the thing that killed me the most was the boredom. I’m no good at sitting around.”

Day sixteen

As John Barrowman made his much anticipated return to the jungle the campmates finally took a bite out of one of their own, Harry made a startling confession and another celeb said farewell to camp! Here’s what you need to know…

Barrowman’s Back!

A nasty trip ‘n’ slip sent John Barrowman to hospital on Day 15 but thankfully his sprained ankle wasn’t too seriously injured and Captain Jack made it back to camp.

His return was nothing short of FABULOUS (because of course) and his nifty new walking stick proved a most useful accessory. When he wasn’t making several dodgy jokes about it (because BARROWMAN) he was choreographing little dance routines for himself and hobbling around camp with all the gravitas of Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond in Jurassic Park.

Well, the show MUST go on, after all…

Everybody eats Fleur

Would you eat another campmate if you were desperate for sugar in the Australian outback? Well, after 16 years on air, I’m A Celeb probably came about as close as it’ll ever get to cannibalism when Fleur returned from the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

The X Factor singer and Coronation Street star Sair Khan secured a batch of cupcakes for camp, but Fleur was doused in treacle while winning the sweet treats.

James McVey was hungry enough to taste the sugary substance coating Fleur’s arms and it wasn’t long before everybody was tucking in.

You’ve got a friend in Harry

Harry Redknapp may seem like the font of jungle knowledge but it appears we’ve finally found his weakness – FILMS.

The football manager admitted that he’s not been to the pictures since the 1960s and – SHOCK, HORROR, confessed that he’s never even heard of Toy Story.

A fond Sair-well

And finally, Coronation Street star Sair Khan became the third celebrity to leave the jungle.

“It’s so weird being outside,” she told Dec and Holly after crossing the bridge. “I can’t believe I’ve been in there for over two weeks”.

Day fifteen

Fleur finally gets a pizza the Bushtucker action, Emily learns to slutdrop, John takes a fall and Malique is the second celeb sent home…

Gore Seasons in one day

Who fancies a pizza? What toppings do you want? We’ve got a choice of rotten tomatoes, fish guts, offal, foetid veg and rancid cheese. No wait, you don’t get a choice, you just get everything…

That was Fleur’s experience as she took on the Gore Seasons Pizza Bushtucker Trial, which involved being strapped to a giant pizza base while all of the above were poured on top of her. Meanwhile, she had to smash open a series of piñatas containing crickets, green ants, mealworms and cockroaches to liberate the stars that would feed her fellow celebs. She came back stinking but with all ten stars, which meant wallaby dinner for the whole camp.

Jungle strip club

An innocent conversation about who could touch their toes quickly developed into Emily showing off her questionable slutdrop technique…

…to Fleur revealing that she’s rather partial to a visit to a strip club herself.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m obsessed with strip clubs, I love them,” she said. “I like sitting there and watching them.”

Later, in the Bush Telegraph, she added: “I’ve always loved going to strip clubs, I don’t know why, I think maybe it’s because like you shouldn’t be there, the whole thing fascinates me.”

Dingo Dollar challenge

Another day, another disappointing Dingo Dollar Challenge. Harry and Rita had fun dressing up as old time prospectors, and sieving through sand to find ‘stones’ containing gold nuggets. They eventually dug out enough to release the dollars, and had the choice of ice pops or crisps, but the camp failed on a question about how many Brits have no religious affiliation and down came Kiosk Kev’s shutters – again.

Dream dinner party

As a dinner of wallaby bits got underway, talk turned to fantasy dinner party guests, with all the campmates getting involved. In case Oprah Winfrey, the Obamas or Sir Francis Drake watch I’m a Celebrity, here’s who they each chose…

Fleur: Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey (“I’d have to resurrect Michael Jackson and let him teach me his moves and sing to me all night long, legend. Oprah, I’d love to sit down with her and pick her brains.”)

Sair: Oprah, Barack and Michelle Obama (“I’ll take your Oprah and raise you two Obamas, they seem really funny and chilled and would tell us all the secrets.”

Malique: Oprah, the Obamas, Morgan Freeman (“I could just listen to his voice”)

Nick: Frances Drake, Prince Harry (“a good crack… he’s such a top lad”)

Harry: Muhammad Ali (“the greatest sportsman of all time”), Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill

James: Martin Luther King, David Attenborough

Rita: Seth McFarlane

John Barrowman: Robin Williams, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Emily: Celine Dion (“I’d force her to do a duet with me”), Whoopi Goldberg (and Bradley Cooper for dessert)

Anne: Doctor Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, Deirdre McClusky (rest of the camp: “Who?!” Harry:“It sounded like it could be the most boring dinner party in history and I would have fallen asleep in my soup after about two minutes. Anne I’m booked up that night!”)

John goes to hospital

Out for an evening stroll with Harry, John stacked it down some slippery steps and was clearly in quite a bit of pain after twisting his ankle. He went straight to hospital where the good news was that it was a sprain rather than a break. Dec later told us they’re hoping John will be back in camp in time for Monday’s show.

Malique leaves the jungle

The public have been voting – or in Malique’s case, not voting – again and the Hollyoaks star is the second celeb to leave the jungle (not counting John’s unplanned foray). You can read what he had to say about it here…

Day fourteen

Sair takes on the Sickening Sewer, John and Emily face a shocking Dingo Dollars challenge, the girls pop pimples and Fleur and Harry get a wiggle on with a new song.

Nick Noel’s stuff

First evictee Noel Edmonds left the jungle and his fellow campmates were devastated about the loss – but there’s no point wallowing is there, so around six seconds after his departure they were rifling through his belongings, looking for stuff to steal.

“His things were spread out a little too quickly for my liking,” said Emily in the Bush Telegraph – but whether or not you agree, it gave Dec the opportunity for some top class punning, as he assured Holly that vulture Nick Knowles’s full, multi-barrelled name was actually Nick Knowles-stuff-the-minute-he’s-out-of-the-jungle.

The Sickening Sewer

Sair smashed today’s Bushtucker Trial, a series of tight tunnels off a central sewer, each filled with a different critter – cane toads, cockroaches, crickets, meal worms, water dragons, huntsman spiders, mud crabs and a croc. The toughest part for the aquaphobic Corrie actor was trying to free a star from inside a tiny tank rapidly filling with water, but she managed it in the nick of time – before being unceremoniously dumped from a pipe into a cesspool, complete with ten out of ten stars in her bag and eel on the menu for that evening’s dinner.

Pop stars

Rita kicked off a craze when she started squeezing her spots right in the middle of camp. First of all she drew an (all female) audience, then they started popping their own pimples and finally each others’, all accompanied by oohs and aahs worthy of a fireworks display. Harry thought it was a bit gross. John, obviously, made up a song about it.

A new camp leader

No, not John – James is the reluctant new leader, just pipping Rita and Harry after the campmates cast their votes. The 24-year-old admitted he found the prospect “very difficult”, saying “I look to Nick and the older members of the camp for guidance normally”. James chose the more seasoned Rita as his deputy but she confessed in the Bush Telegraph that she was likely to be “the most I’ll allow you to break the rules leader” ever.

Under James, Nick now has wood to deal with (maybe that’s why he was sleeping with his hat over his crotch), Anne is the twisted firestarter and Harry’s on washing up – apparently, for the first time in 54 years.

A shocking result in the Dingo Dollars challenge

John and Emily took on the Dingo Dollars challenge, which involved her being winched up a tree in to examine the complicated wiring in a fuse box while John tried to recreate it on a large-scale version down based on Emily’s (often incorrect) instructions. The catch? For every wrongly wired connection they both got what John described as a “vigorous” electric shock.

Somewhat frazzled, they finally completed the task and released the Dingo Dollars for a potential treat of biscuits. But back at camp, the celebs answered the question incorrectly and Kiosk Kev slammed down the shutters sending them on their way.


The campmates got hot under the collar during their eel dinner as a piece of the carefully divided chilli went missing, leaving Malique to go without. Emily made a show of searching for it along with everyone else but later admitted in the Bush Telegraph that “I robbed the chilli… I’m sorry”. But she wasn’t really.

Do the Wiggle

Another day, another song from Fleur and Harry – this time inspired by tonight’s dinner of eel.

Fleur gets a pizza the action

Ms East will be taking on the next Bushtucker Trial, the unappetising Gore Seasons challenge…

Day thirteen

Tonight’s I’m a Celeb basically reinforced the notion that the British public should never be trusted to vote for anything ever after Noel Edmonds was voted out of the jungle – following a tense Immunity Games and a camp love-in.

The birds and the beans

Waking up in their penultimate morning as a full camp of eleven, it seems there’s one member of camp Emily Atack and Rita Simons won’t miss – the ‘car alarm’ bird that wakes them up daily.

“I just want to strangle it,” Rita said.

Venting her rage at the squawking campmate, Emily said in the Bush Telegraph, “No-one wants you to do it, just stop it.”

It seemed it wasn’t Emily’s morning, as she physically seemed to wretch over yet another portion of rice and beans.

Musing poetically about her morning, she said, “The birds and the bees…have got right on my t*****s this morning.”

The Very Hungry Games

The last of the Immunity Games kicked off with the Rancid Races, with the four teams battling against each other to win food – and immunity from the public vote.

While the Galahs’ – comprised of Nick, Malique and Sair were in last place, Nick, who boasted sinking pints down the rugby club, easily chugged drinks including blended green ants and ‘orange juice with electro-sh***es’ (crocodile anus to me and you) to win the challenge and score his team immunity.

His guzzling abilities, which saw Noel compare him to the Blackwall tunnel, were partly admired and partly disgusted by his campmates, who belched and retched their way through the trial.

Despite Noel pouring more down himself than down his gullet (being branded a serial cheat by Dec and Holly), his Underdog team, which also featured Rita, was placed in the danger zone – losing the chance of immunity and the meal for the evening.

Harry’s had enough

The result of the Rancid Races saw the usually jovial Harry lash out at Nick, with the football manager questioning the DIY SOS’s motives.

While Nick said he only knocked back multiple pints of sickening liquids to win himself a meal, Harry insisted he wanted to win – with some viewers accusing him of ‘sour grapes.’

“It’s a load of cobblers,” Harry snapped. “Everyone wants to win, let’s not kid ourselves. When the crunch comes, we’ll all walk over each other.”

Although it wasn’t quite a fight, it was certainly the first ‘very heated debate’ camp had seen, as Rita called it.

But for Harry, people’s motives aren’t important to him: “I love them all in there, they’re all fantastic,” he said. “But they do all want to win, it’s silly to keep saying I don’t want to win because they do.”

However, not all was lost for the campmates…

Last chance saloon

For the campmates who hadn’t managed to ensnare a decent dinner, there was one last opportunity to dodge the public vote – by hitting up the Velodrome.

The task saw Fleur, John, Anne, Emily, Harry and James take to bikes to try and collect gold medals, with the top two winning a meal and immunity.

However, Anne took one look at the task and walked off (a woman after our own hearts), leaving the others to battle it out.

Cockroaches, worms and ants were dumped on each cyclist as they tried to collect the all-important medals – with John and Fleur coming out as victors.

“It was nightmare after nightmare,” said an emotional Fleur at the end of her ordeal.

Noel’s pot luck

It really wasn’t Noel’s best day in camp.

After being accused of cheating in Rancid Races, he then offered to wash the large cooking pot in the water – but messed that up when he dropped the lid in the freezing cold creek.

Aided by Emily, Noel stripped to his kecks and waded in to retrieve the lid, only for Emily to nearly slip in, fully-dressed. Ever the gent, Noel was forced to get hands-up, pushing Emily up the hill – from behind.

“He had to push me up the bank by my fat a*** and it cheered me up no end, it was hilarious,” she laughed.

Final supper

It all got a bit emosh for the 11 campmates, as they all banded together to enjoy the final night in the jungle.

Those who won immunity were treated to crocodile sausages, while the losers resorted to rice and beans – but everyone was treated to a special bev to celebrate their final night all together.

It may have been the wine, or the genuine thought of someone leaving, but things quickly turned tender as the campmates gave their after-dinner speeches.

While Rita thanked the gang for “not being a bunch of b******s”, Emily got particularly emotionally when talking to her campmates.

“Being here, I’ve learned I don’t need to be anything other than myself,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “You’ve made me happier than I’ve been in such a long time.”

The last Noel

In a twist that literally no-one saw coming, the man, the myth, the legend that is Noel Edmonds was voted out the jungle -and straight back into the arms of wife Liz.

Speaking to Holly and Dec upon his exit, he said being in the jungle “was in the top 10 Noel moments of his life.”

Fans were bereft at Noel’s early exit, with an outpouring of grief hitting Twitter once the news was announced – even Liam Gallagher had his say.

But with no more immunity games, and Noel’s shock exit, it seems it’s still all to play for with our campmates…

Day twelve

It was an all-singing, all dancing edition of I’m a Celeb tonight, as the campmates split into animal teams, battled it out in the Immunity Games and learned all about how Fleur loves her bum almost as much as Harry hates puzzles.

Oh, and there was also that bit where Dec got completely distracted by a butterfly – but those are the perils of live TV.

Check out what else the celebs got up to below…

The Noelwledge

Noel may have been driving a few campmates round the bend lately (cough cough, Nick) – but it turns out when it comes to actual driving, he’s a master of traffic loopholes.

“Bristol’s traffic is chaotic and so Liz bought me a black cab and I got to work in 20 minutes rather than an hour and 20 minutes,” Noel told his fellow campmates after Emily shared her tales of driving test struggles.

“I can claim to be the person that cost Bristol Council a huge amount of money because when I hit the news that I was going down the bus lane in my black cab, which is legal, they put cameras on all the lanes.”

“I reckoned I saved five months of my life when I added up the hours in the morning and evening,” he continued. “But when I got the ticket I didn’t take my cab in the bus lane any more.

“I did what any sane person would do. I bought a bus. I have a Routemaster bus. I can drive it on a car licence as long as there are no more than nine people on board,” said Noel.

Looks like Noel will be dropping everyone off home at the end of the series, then. Cheers Drive!

Dash of the Titans

Bushtucker trials? So passé.

These days it’s all about the Immunity Games, the first of which saw Nick, Harry and John collect six puzzle pieces along a running track from cheerily-named “hell holes” filled with jungle surprises, before assembling a gold medal in a box at the end.

The trio had different approaches to the hell holes –Nick grimaced his way through each puzzle, Harry managed to slime himself blind while John turned the whole thing into a bizarre sing-song – and in the end, Nick came from behind to win the whole thing just ahead of John and Harry.

“I can’t do puzzles Holly, I’m useless, a bit like a striker who gets in front of the goal and doesn’t score, that was me,” Harry said mournfully.

Now, it was up to each team leader to pick their teammates – Nick first, then John, then Harry, with two left over. Not awkward at all.

Who let the dogs out?

In the end Nick chose Malique and Sair to join Team Galahs, John chose Anne and Emily to join Team Koalas, while Harry picked Fleur and James for Team Roos.

“I chose Anne and Emily because we like to have fun together,” John said.

“Anne has brains but over the course of being in here she has opened up and is up for it so a great team member.”

“Fleur is amazing, she keeps dancing and talking to me,” added Harry of his “peng” team.

“She’s taught me some dancing, I’ve got some new dances to go home and show my wife.”

This left Noel and Rita as a new team called the Underdogs – and once they found out the news, they actually took things fairly well.

“We’re the underdogs, we’re the two kids that didn’t get picked at PE,” Rita noted

“It’s OK, we have each other.”

We’ll just gloss over the part where they started making woof noises, because we all have too much self-respect to get involved with that.

There’s no I in team

Now, over the next couple of days the team members have to compete in the Immunity Games, with the team at the top of the leaderboard each day getting some nice nosh. Whoever was at the top by the end of the Games, meanwhile, will be immune from the first public elimination.

But forget all that, because everyone decided to just make up theme songs for their teams instead of thinking about that. This show, you guys.

Anyway, the first challenge saw Emily, Rita, James and Malique go all Swallows and Amazons on the boating lake, where Emily stole victory for the koalas after some seriously shady tactics from Rita and an early bath for Malique and James.

Challenge two saw the remaining campmates Noel, Sair, Fleur (or should that be Flair?) and Anne take on the Gymnasium, where the gang had to hold onto a set of gym rings for as long as possible in the face of spurting water and encroaching darkness.

Anne let go, and of the three who stuck it out Noel ended up winning for the Underdogs after a tiebreak question – but back at camp Harry’s team the Roos ended up the overall day winners based on their point total.

Bit of a wasted effort considering Harry’s reaction to the emu sausage on offer, but hey – that’s the law of the jungle.

Now, all eleven of the campmates will be joining Holly and Dec for the next Immunity Games challenge – aka a big family outing – ahead of the first ever eviction on this year’s I’m a Celeb. Oooh-er.

Day eleven

Tempers finally flared in the jungle on day eleven and Noel got logs, Nick got the hump, knickers inspired a jungle debate, and a pot of rice left Rita at risk of boiling over. Check out what the celebs got up to below…

Nick, Noel and Knickers

“There’s Nick getting his knickers in a twist because he thinks I left the camp. He can be such an arse at times,” mused Noel Edmonds as he practically danced out of camp leader Nick Knowles’ line of sight for the umpteenth time.

Little did he know the DIY SOS host would actually find himself in a twist over a pair of knickers later in the show. Or did he know? He does a lot of meditating after all… could Noel have the inside scoop on the future? Should we be asking him for next week’s lottery numbers?

To cut a long story short, Nick spotted a pair of pants that had fallen from the washing line and was more than a little worried about picking them up.

“I don’t feel comfortable handling women’s knickers but they are wet and need drying so would you hang them on the line?” he asked John, sparking a debate about whether it was OK for a man to pick up a woman’s pants and a discussion about who would or wouldn’t fart in front of their partner.

Tempers Rice

“Food causes arguments,” said John as he attempted to conceal his fury in the Bush Telegraph following a tense discussion about rice with Rita Simons. Y’see, Rita wasn’t best pleased when John and Sair revealed that they were only cooking up four portions to split between eleven campmates.

Rita called for a vote in camp, overruling John and inciting one of the most brilliantly passive aggressive showdowns we’ve seen in the camp so far.

“I’m just going to do all of them, everyone wants all the rice so I’m going to do it all,” John declared following the mini rice mutiny. “I’m not by any means saying let’s cook all the rice all I’m saying it needs to be more than four between us,” Rita replied.

“God forbid we have some food to eat or if anyone is going to cook anything but it’s only one person that’s doing that and I can handle them,” she added in the Bush Telegraph.

Nick-erless Knowles was quick to console John, assuring him that all the tension was probably just due to the fact that Rita and the girls were “due on”.

“Remember the girls are going to be a bit jumpier because of what time of the month they told us it is,” he reminded the camp chef. “We’re going to have that for a couple of days with the girls.”

There’s more than one type of MENstrual tension in that camp if you ask us…

The Immunity Games Begin

With the first celebrity eviction looming the standard Bushtucker Trials are off the menu and The Immunity Games are ON!

Dec and Holly dropped in to reveal that Harry, Nick and John had been chosen by the public to take part in the Deadly Dash. What the trio doesn’t know is that they’ll be team captains in the games and how they perform in the race will directly affect their chances of picking the best teammates.

Why do we have a feeling John won’t be rushing to choose Rita? And could Nick get his knickers in a twist if he’s forced to team up with Noel?

Day ten

Although the day got off to a bit of a sticky start with Candlegate, it only got better as the hours ticked by, from Anne triumphing once more to Harry learning to say ‘peng ting’.


A “wax factory” appeared in John’s bag after Malique lit a candle on top of it and the wax dripped down overnight. Despite this, the ever-upbeat John said he was feeling 7/10 on the cheeriness scale in the morning.

It’s official: the Governess is a trooper

It was a decent meal for the campmates tonight as Anne stormed her way through rooms of stinking offal and all kinds of critters. She was completely unfazed by a python and had to pick stars out of piles of raw meat and fish guts all while being rained on by insects. Classic. She looked like she’d performed surgery when she came out. 7/11 stars – go on Anne!

Oh, and Dec did an amazing pigeon impression.

Harry Redknapp learns to say ‘peng ting’

Or is that ‘painting’? Harry learned some new slang from Fleur and Malique and the results were… very entertaining. Instead of asking his wife Sandra to go dancing with him, he’s going to proposition her with: “Fancy a bit of grinding Sandra?” Fleur was delighted with this, saying: “When you see her, say, ‘Sandra, you peng ting.’” Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that conversation…

Day nine

After Rita, John and James won ten out of 11 stars in The (epic) Quest, Nick Knowles cemented his status as an absolute gem by sacrificing his seat at the feast for his camp.

But that’s not all that happened in tonight’s jam-packed episode, with tensions rising between the campmates – and Dec showing us his spectacular twerking skills.

Nick’s rude awakening

The winds of change have hit camp – quite literally for Nick Knowles.

Having been appointed camp leader yesterday by viewers, Nick chose The Chase’s Anne Hegerty to be his deputy, a decision he may have regretted the next morning, when Anne woke up and immediately passed wind – right in Nick’s face.

“Basically, I farted in Nick’s face,” she said matter-of-factly in the Bush Telegraph. “But he didn’t seem to mind. So obviously we’re good mates. It wasn’t like Rita’s that the whole planet heard apart from me.”

Nick, ever the gent, brushed it off, who was appointed camp leader yesterday by viewers and even admitted that sleeping in the jungle may have changed him.

“The new accommodation is very nice, it’s nice to have a mattress to sleep in but in actual fact I think I prefer sleeping in the open now,” he said. Bless him.

Team Nick Noel’s no more?

They were a dream team when they took on the Catch a Falling Star Bushtucker Trial on Saturday night, but it seems the brief love affair between Nick and Noel is well and truly over, as Noel ‘rebelled’ against camp rules.

With three people having to be at camp at all times, Noel raised eyebrows when Nick spotted him sloping out.

“Who is up there then, Malique and Emily? That’s not three,” said Nick from the creek. “I’m not giving you a hard time because I want to give you a hard time.”

As Noel returned to his post, muttering about losing his “celebrity endorsements”, viewers predicted the simmering tension between the pair could result in the otherwise harmonious camp’s first fall out.

“He doesn’t like the rules at all does he?” Nick later grumbled to Harry.

Dec got his twerk on

As this series has progressed, Dec and Holly have really hit their stride with their new presenting partnership, seamlessly cracking jokes between links and providing moments of comedy gold.

With Holly joking about how she needed a close-up shot, her piece to camera was rudely interrupted by Dec crawling over on the table to try and get his head into shot – before falling into a cheeky twerk.

Declan Donnelly, we didn’t know you had it in you.

The team ‘smash it’

It seems all reality TV offerings must have their own lingo or catchphrase these days – while Love Island has “crackin’ on”, I’m a Celeb has “smashing it.”

While the celebs “smashed it” in the live trial yesterday (Go on Anne!), winning 85 minutes for The Quest, it was time for Rita, James and John to “smash it”, and secure 11 seats at the feast by collecting the stars.

While John’s enthusiasm, energy  and constant singing (it was, as Nick said, basically Trek: The Musical) kept the team peppy, it was ultimately the Doctor Who star who fell at the final hurdle when he failed to grab the 11th flag on the zipwire.

His loss meant that someone had to sit out on the feast – and while John immediately volunteered himself to skip the shindig, another campmate sacrificed their place at the banquet…

…Nick Knowles: National Treasure

Explaining that he’d spent all day lounging around, not being allowed to do chores as he was the new camp leader, Nick immediately refused to go to the banquet – despite John insisting he should.

“In anticipation of this I’ve been thinking about it all day and as I’ve been in the unenviable position of not being able to help around the camp, the decision is really easy,” he said with an off-hand shrug.

So while the others feasted on chicken, salads and jam roly-poly, hearts across the country broke for Nick as he did sit-ups alone in camp, and chowed down on his new recipe for bean burgers.

His latest act of chivalry comes after he gave Anne his pillow, revealed his secret rock career by jamming with Biffy Clyro and went without his care package.

It seems the nation loves Nick almost as much as Harry loves jam roly-poly. Could we have already found our next King of the Jungle?

Day eight

It was all change in the camp, as Nick became the leader, John and Fleur took over the cooking and impressed, and Anne Hegerty took part in a live trial…

Nick Knowles: reluctant camp leader

I’m a Celeb fans decided – via a vote on the show’s app – that Nick would become the next camp leader – and he wasn’t thrilled about it.

It meant he and his deputy Anne would be taking over the private boudoir formerly occupied by Noel and Harry, but he didn’t welcome the other responsibilities, like divvying the team up into their various roles, and it also meant he was unable to continue cooking the camp meals (John Barrowman was appointed as head chef).

And his campmate James McVey reckons that the public did it to mess with them, knowing that he was probably the least keen to take on the authority.

Elsewhere, Fleur and Emily were placed on washing up duty, James and Harry were tasked with cleaning the dunny and Malique, Noel and Rita were placed on maintenance.

Did Harry nab a “souvenir” from Buckingham palace?

Noel and Harry got up to yet more mischief as they departed their palace, very unsubtly nicking some pillows from the incoming Anne and Nick – and Harry later revealed it wasn’t the first time he had pocketed something he shouldn’t have.

Speaking on camera with Noel, he said:”it’s only like going in somewhere posh and there’s an ash tray with Buckingham Palace on it and you think, ‘I’ll have that as a memento’ and stick it in your pocket.”

Noel quickly chimed in: “I bet you’ve done that before!”

A five star Bushtucker performance

Nick and Noel took on – as they would explain in rigorous detail with the help of the chalkboard upon their return to the camp – the most technically difficult trial of the series so far, aptly named Catch A Falling Star. It saw them suspended in boxes placed on top of one another hanging above the river, with Noel on top, blindly dropping stars down for Nick to catch.

Noel was unable to see where Nick’s hands were, which made things rather difficult – and, unsurprisingly, their boxes were filled with hungry insects, too. It was a tough one, and despite an admirable effort, they only came away with five out of 11 stars, meaning that they would have to stretch a meal out for their campmates.

It was a great watch though, and even presenters Holly and Dec got emotionally invested, as you can see below.

Chef John does his best Gino D’Acampo impression

The most positive man in the camp was named as the new chef, and he got really into it – even whipping out a half-cooked, hammed-up impression of TV chef Gino D’Acampo.

He and campmates admitted that it wasn’t quite accurate, but they enjoyed it nonetheless – and so did a lot of fans on Twitter.

Anne Hegerty smashed it in the live trial

The first live trial of the season took place on Sunday, and it saw eight of the celebs take on X-Factor-themed challenges to buy time for John, James and Rita, who went off on a hike as part of the trial.

The best and most gruesome part of the trial saw the celebs take part in a witchetty grubs eating race  – in the style of the drinking game boat race – ending with Anne Hegerty, who, in her first attempt, managed to get it down before the buzzer went.

But her big moment came later on as she was foced to down a glass of fish eye juice and did so in style, despite looking like she was going to vom for the remainder of the trial. Elsewhere, Noel downed a durian fruit smoothie and Harry guzzled a pint of blended pig dicks, so, yeah, just your average Sunday, really…

Day seven

The tables have been turned on the comedic duo of Emperor Noel and advisor Harry Redknapp, who had to take part in the bushtucker trial on Saturday night’s episode…

Harry’s jungle XI

Harry Redknapp is a long way away from the football pitches of blighty, but that didn’t stop him putting himself and his campmates in formation for a jungle XI charity match on Saturday night’s episode.

It also gave ‘Arry another opportunity to roll out another of his dynamite stories – this time about a hilarious miscommunication between himself and Russian striker Roman Pavlyuchenko when the pair were at Tottenham Hotspur.

“I said to him, ‘if you don’t play any better in the first half, I’m going to pull you off at half-time'” Harry said, “and he said, ‘ah, this is fantastic – in Russia, we only got an orange!'” – the gag went down a treat with his fellow campmates.

Emperor Noel and advisor Harry go out with a bang

The empire may have fallen, but at least they went out in style.

Noel and Harry – whose bromance has been a highlight of the series so far – smashed a particularly gruelling and gruesome 11-part bushtucker trial, in which they were forced to keep witchetty grubs and cockroaches in their mouths for a minute apiece, and gave us some priceless (and GIF-able) reactions in the process.

Noel kicked things off by chomping down on a stick insect, looking rather terrified.

And Harry did his best impression of Futurama’s Dr Zoidberg with a mouthful of witchetty grubs. But the former Tottenham manager nearly ruined the whole thing when he tried to make Noel laugh with a live Yabby (it looks like a giant prawn) in his gob.

But the pair managed to get through all 11 stages successfully, including the grim final challenge of squeezing fish eye juice into a glass with their mouths and drinking it, which had host Holly Willoughby looking away…

Anne Hegerty has a savage “fact” about the USA

The Chase’s Governess has thus far been ruled out of all the Bushtucker challenges on medical grounds, but she’s proven her worth in many other ways in the camp – most notably during down time, when John Barrowman tests her remarkable general knowledge.

On Saturday’s episode, he decided to rattle off country names to see what facts she could share about each one. First there was Uzbekistan, which she revealed was one of two double-landlocked countries (it is bordered entirely by landlocked countries), then there was Mexico, whose biggest provence, she said, is named after its smallest dog, the chihuahua.

But she saved her best “fact” for last – and Barrowman’s home nation of The USA. taking a jab at President Donald Trump.

“The United States of America appears to have got itself ruled by a complete f***wit,” she said, to fits of laughter throughout the camp.

Day six

Emperor Noel had a good run, but he’s about to go from Nero to Zero, just like that.

And in his last day on the throne, His Excellency had quite an action-packed few hours…

The Taming of the Shrew

Continuing their sweet holiday bromance, Harry and Noel were all tucked up and ready to snooze in their luxury (read: not actively outdoors, and with beds) palace – until they realised someone new had joined the inner circle.

“What the f*** is that Noel?!” Harry asked, aghast, as a small critter hung onto one of the curtains. “I don’t like the look of that.”

Once Nick Knowles was called in to help, the trio identified the beastie as a jungle shrew, and the DIY SOS host took it upon himself to send it on its merry way.

“I was disturbed as I was going to bed and I was called in by the Emperor and his co Emperor for pest control,” he noted – and it could just be us, but did we note a touch of emotion when he told the story of how the removed shrew took a look back at him to say goodbye?

The night wasn’t over for Harry and Noel, though, with the Deal or No Deal host eventually agreeing to rub the cramp out of Harry’s leg. Heavy is the head that wears the crown (or wreath), after all…

When they go low, we go high

Believe it or not, though, a FEW campmates had to go through even more stress than removing a small mouse and massaging a former football manager (hard though that is to believe), with John and Emily chosen to take part in tonight’s Bushtucker trial after Rita and Malique were already selected by Bushtucker trial.

Called Drown and Out, the trial was a sort of Houdini-esque water-y head to head, with both duos fighting to find keys and turn on pipes in their opposing team’s tanks to flood them out before the same thing could be done to them. Oh, and because this is I’m a Celeb, the tanks were also full of snakes, lobsters, and other creepy-crawlies. Just ’cause.

And despite some pre-match nerves Malique and Rita absolutely smashed it, with their strategy of getting keys and trying them one at a time proving more fruitful than John and Emily’s idea of collecting all the keys first before trying any of them.

“Stick to the plan,” John told Emily at one point, possibly just after he’d accidentally handed her a yabbie lobster.

“It might be a sh*t one but keep to it”

In the end, both teams managed to turn three out of five levers – but because Rita and Malique (aided by Malique’s impressive diving ability) did theirs first, John and Emily were forced out of their tank, leaving the public-voted duo as the new members of Noel’s inner circle.

“We didn’t give up.  We kept on to the end.  We’re still winners,” said John. Though in a very REAL sense, they really really weren’t.

How much does a Grecian urn earn?

Finally, The Chase’s Anne Hegarty got her groove back after a crossbow challenge where she, Nick Knowles and The Vamps’ Nick McVey had to destroy pots using crossbows.

Sure, they were a little distracted by the endless dumpings of fish guts, soy sauce, earth and other items being continually dumped on their heads – but they still managed to secure eight care packages (out of a possible 11), with eagle-eyed Anne landing the first shot.

Harry, Nick and James were then denied care packages, which may have been a little harsh considering the latter two lads actually won them – but if they’re unhappy with Emperor Noel’s decision, they may soon be able to get their revenge, as the campmates were informed his reign of terror would soon be over.

The King is dead! So let’s make him eat sheep eyeballs in a Bushtucker trial.

Day five

What could be better than Emperor Noel Edmonds entering the jungle? A Noel Edmonds and Harry Redknapp jungle bromance, that’s what.

Noel Edmonds + Harry Redknapp = bromance

When Emperor Noel picked Harry as his official Advisor (or Harry’s preferred term, ‘Assistant Emperor’), the pair quickly became inseparable, chatting about jigsaws and sleeping together in the Emperor’s Tent — where, according to Noel, Harry apparently woke up in the middle of the night and asked for a cheeky leg massage.

The pair also definitely deserve Oscar nods, after conspiring to trick the whole camp into thinking they’d answered Kiosk Kev’s question wrong , missing out on Outback Shack treats AGAIN… before Harry re-emerged with the cheese and grapes.  


John Barrowman “didn’t f***ing scratch his groin”, OK guys?

Sometimes you just need a hug and a sandwich. Instead, you get Emperor Noel Edmonds.

Poor Mr Barrowman was not pleased when, standing up to ask Noel a question, he gave his waistband a well-earned itch — and Noel accused him of scratching his groin.

“I know he was trying to make a joke and be funny but it didn’t land well with me,” a hangry John complained in the Bush Telegraph. “I’m probably being overly sensitive and it’s at this exact time that my husband would say I need a sandwich.”

Nick Knowles aced Crittercus Maximus

Nick proved himself once again the undisputed King of Critters, after successfully retrieving a star during the Bushtucker Trial — while ignoring a giant spider on his head.

All four of the campmates who took part in Noel’s gladiator games — Fleur EastNick KnowlesSair Khan, and James McVey — managed to win a star each.

Fleur and Sair took on biting green ants, as both campmates manoeuvred their stars down a bolt while only using their tongues — and Fleur displayed an “impressive technique,” according to a naughty Dec.

Meanwhile Nick and James untied knots  to reach their stars — all the while locked in a box with a stomach-churning number of creepy crawlies…

Social media went crazy for Dec’s nips

Viewers just couldn’t unsee Dec’s ‘button nipples’ during the show — and pretty soon a hashtag dedicated to the oh-so-wrong-it’s-right placement of his shirt buttons was trending on Twitter.

“They’re trending,” Holly informed Dec during the live show. “#DecsNips.” Ooh la la…

Day four

He’s finally here: Noel Edmonds has, at last, arrived in the jungle, dressed as a Roman emperor and looking just as silly as we dared to dream.

But that wasn’t the only talking point from the show’s fourth instalment. From John Barrowman crossing paths with a crocodile, to the revelation Emily Atack used to bite people, here’s all that went down in the jungle…

John Barrowman took a plunge into the Scary Rose

An army of Cybermen? No sweat. A Dalek on the warpath? Easy peasy. But crossing paths with an ickle baby crocodile in a Bushtucker Trial? That’s what will get John Barrowman swearing at the top of his lungs.

However John performed fantastically in the challenge once the screams were out of his system, finding all 10 stars in a submerged shipwreck – one filled with five water pythons, 10 water dragons, 40 large eels, 10 mud crabs and 90 “yabbies”, which are apparently a thing now.

We learnt some horrible secrets about the celebs

Turns out Harry Redknapp isn’t the only one with some brilliant stories waiting to come out. In the Dingo Dollar Challenge, Emily Atack and Nick Knowles were asked to match 10 secrets to the jungle’s 10 celebrities, revealing some surprising truths.

Turns out Anne Hegerty was once an extra in a Robin Hood movie, Rita Simons once taped her brother to a tree, Emily used to bite people as a youngster, Sair Khan wanted to be a WWE wrestler and John Barrowman once had a perm. Although, the more we think about it, the less surprising that last secret should be.

Noel Edmonds enters the jungle – and becomes the camp’s new emperor

What would have happened if Noel Edmonds had played Emperor Commodus in Gladiator? A question nobody’s asked before, but one we’re getting the answer to anyway.

Making his much-awaited first screen appearance on this year’s show, the Deal or No Deal host was finally unveiled as a campmate – and “Emperor” of the next episode. He even turned up in ancient Roman attire, sitting on a throne in his robe before bellowing: “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!”

In short:

Day three

When an episode kicks off with Dec wiggling his hips to the Spice Girls and turning in an impressive Simon Cowell impression, you know you’re in for quite the ride. And I’m a Celeb’s third instalment didn’t disappoint – with another gruelling trial (poor Anne!), a camp reunion, and the moment the nation fell in love with Nick Knowles.

Anne faced the Monstrous Monolith

Oh, we are a cruel voting public, aren’t we?

After finding out she’d been nominated to tackle the latest Bushtucker Trial, Anne “The Governess” Hegerty shed a brief tear before James and Rita escorted her to face her fate.

And brave Anne did her best. But the slime and the fish guts and the critters got the better of her, and two stars into the challenge she was bellowing those infamous words: “I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE!” It meant two meals for Croc Creek – and nothing but rice and beans for the inhabitants of Snake Rock. But it took a hell of a lot of guts, as Dec pointed out.

Two camps became One

After three impoverished days, the Snake Rock campmates finally walked into the relative luxury of Croc Creek. And boy were they happy about it.

“It was like checking into a five star hotel,” gushed James. Sitting on my sofa with a cup of TV and a smidge of perspective, I begged to differ. But it was lovely to see them all look so happy.

And the two camps uniting meant we got to see Dec do his best Spice Girls impression, complete with snake hips and body-rolling. The man can really move.

Nick Knowles won our hearts

If Nick Knowles isn’t already your man crush, he will be now. Before they left Snake Rock, Rita, James, Fleur and Anne faced down some frogs in order to win Croc Creek campmates’ luxury items. They managed four of the six and reunited Nick with his remarkable savvy treat – a pillow.

Hugging his item, Nick explained he had made the choice “so I could give it to anybody who was struggling sleeping” before throwing it to Anne, who had already confided in him how hard she was finding the jungle conditions. What a hero.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Nick also shared the story of his fleeting music career – the high point of which saw him sing with Biffy Clyro. Not that a super cool band like Biffy Clyro should be embarrassed by collaborating with the DIY:SOS presenter – but if they had wanted to sweep that duet under the carpet, Dec made sure it was virtually impossible by asking viewers to get it trending.

And it wasn’t long before this happened…

Day two

From encounters with “snake juice” to Harry’s new job as a “s*** shoveler” – day two of I’m a Celeb was pretty classy. There was a horrifying viper challenge, a whole series of revelations about Harry Redknapp and a bonding moment between Anne Hegerty and Rita Simons. Find out what went down in the jungle, below…

We learned a fair few things about Harry Redknapp

Not only did we discover that Harry Redknapp absolutely bloody loves a cold shower, but he also shares a physio with Prince Harry and has no sense of smell – “I can’t smell anything”. His inability to smell means he is the perfect campmate to clean out the loo, and he is now the self-proclaimed “Harry the s*** shoveler”. A bit of a skid mark on his shiny CV, to say the least.

Emily Atack smashed the Bushtucker Trial

“What’s a viper?” Atack asked before the first trial of the series – but it’s fair to say that after being in a pit writhing with them, she was very familiar with the snake indeed.

Atack whimpered and squealed her way through the challenge and came out covered in “snake juice” – but it was all worth it in the end as she got to feed the camp at Snake Rock and was upgraded to Croc Creek.

Anne opened up about living with Asperger’s

In a heartwarming moment, Anne discussed her Asperger’s syndrome with the campmates, which in turn encouraged Rita to talk about her experiences with OCD.

Anne said: “I really appreciate how nice and sympathetic they’ve been to me and how supportive they are and it was nice that they said I actually pick up on social cues because I’m never quite sure that I actually do, so that was nice to know.”

Speaking about her OCD, Rita revealed: “I’m not too bad with cleanliness and all of that. I don’t do any of the rituals any more. I used to be a real light switcher, tap checker, I’d spend hours doing it. It’s almost the complete opposite of you because yours is all logical and mine is all illogical.”

Day one

Day one of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2018 and two vertiginous challenges helped sort the first batch of celebs into teams, before a watery trial decided who would get to experience the ‘luxury’ of Croc Creek and who’d be roughing it in Snake Rock. There were a few lows along with the terrifying highs but John Barrowman was on hand to make sure things were generally fabulous…

Four celebs get high – and two come down – in the first challenges

As is now traditional on I’m a Celebrity, the opening challenges were all about heights. The first four celebs to be introduced were split into two teams – John Barrowman and Sair Khan’s Reds and Rita Simons and James McVey’s Yellows – and asked to scale a metal frame overhanging a cliff edge to capture a series of flags in the fastest time possible.

Dec revealed that at 100 feet above ground it was the highest challenge in the show’s history, although it didn’t quite match the fear factor of previous years’ wobbly-plank-walking-off-the-top-of-a-tall-building and all four celebs managed to complete it. The Yellows just edged it on time though, meaning they got their pick of the next four incoming contestants, choosing The Chase’s Governess Anne Hegerty and former X Factor star Fleur East, and leaving football manager Harry Redknapp and DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles to the Reds.

A relatively tame trial followed in which Harry and Anne had to retrieve plastic discs from a box harbouring assorted critters, including green ants and crabs, with a narrow win for the Reds meaning they got their choice of the next two celebs: Hollyoaks’ Malique Thompson-Dwyer went to Team Red, with Inbetweeners star Emily Atack heading to the Yellows – by skydiving 12,000 feet from a helicopter…

It’s safe to say neither were really looking forward to the jump but while Emily seemed to hate the entire experience, Malique’s talk of expelling various bodily substances eventually gave way to exhilaration (and thankfully not evacuation).

The final challenge gives the yellow team a sinking feeling

The teams each had to get in a canoe, paddle across to a pontoon, grab their kit bags and paddle back. But wait, can you actually get a whole team in one canoe? No, no you cannot, as the Yellows quickly found out when they sank. Meanwhile, John stayed in the water and used those well practiced kicks to provide jet propulsion for the Reds, who won themselves a stay in the ‘luxury’ Croc Camp.

Things get extra camp as the teams discover where they’ll be living

So yes, those two camps. Some members of the Red team weren’t too impressed by the luxury of Croc Camp, with Harry Redknapp – who has never watched an episode of I’m a Celebrity in his life – apparently genuinely shocked that there wasn’t a burger van behind some trees ready to feed them during the ad break.

But at least Harry got some meat (emu, as it happens) rather than a small ration of rice and beans and wasn’t sleeping on the ground with all the critters like the Yellows. That realisation, at the end of a tough day, proved a little too much for Anne “The Governess” Hegerty who had a little cry, admitting “I’m really close to saying I can’t do this”. But her teammates rallied round and soon had her back on track.

That’s what campmates are for.

Speaking of extra camp…

John Barrowman is FABULOUS!

So far, John Barrowman looks like being everything you’d imagine and more from a man who describes himself as “entertainer/sci-fi gay icon of the world”. Some viewers may find his screams of “Fabulous!” and tendency to break into song and dance at any opportunity – “the hills are alive…”– grating but it’s all pretty self-aware and the other side of John seems to be that he is a great team player and very thoughtful when it comes to his fellow campmates.

He was brilliantly supportive of Sair during the cliff task, took one for the team in the canoe challenge and after Harry Redknapp shared his reservations about the supposedly luxury Croc Camp, John was the first to remind everyone that whatever hardships they were facing they were probably in a better position than the Yellow team.

Plus, he can do this…

Can you?


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