I’m a Celebrity: who’s been nominated for the Bushtucker Trial?

Which celebrities are facing their fears for food?

I'm a Celeb hosts Declan Donnelly and Holly Willoughby

Watching celebrities humiliate themselves in exchange for food is of course one of the great pleasures of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!


But who’s been nominated for the latest Bushtucker Trial? And who’s faced which trials in the past? Read on to find out…

Bushtucker Trial 17: Repvile Centre

Nominated celeb: Harry

Stars won: 5

There’s no doubt about it: Harry did a twerrific job after volunteering for this lizard-crammed challenge. Crawling through a huge tank inhabited by crocs, perenti lizards, bearded dragons and cunningham skints (which are apparently a thing now), the football manager was tasked with retrieving five stars using only a magnet.

And that’s exactly what Harry did, earning five out of five meals for his campmates. His winning strategy? Befriending the reptiles with sentiments such as “Boys, boys, I’m on your side!”

Amazingly, this tactic only failed on the snakes (probably because he forgot to talk in Parseltongue), with the albino darwin python looking very unhappy about being disturbed. However, Harry managed to keep his cool, telling Holly Willoughby: “As long as it doesn’t end up in my trousers, I’m happy!”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the man’s a goddamn national treasure.

Bushtucker Trial 16:  Ding Dong Merrily Up High

Nominated celebs: Fleur and James

Stars won: 4

Tonight’s Christmas-themed task sees Fleur and James take to the skies – with Fleur dressed as Father Christmas, she is tasked in getting a blindfolded James (dressed as Rudolph) to pick up nearly wrapped Christmas presents.

As Dec looks on, Holly describes the task as “the most ridiculous thing she’s ever seen” – and for I’m a Celebrity, that’s saying something.

The naughty trial, which saw Fleur having to stuff the presents that James threw over, soon turned nice when they won four meals to camp.

Bushtucker Trial 15: Rotten Retrieval

Nominated celebs: John and Fleur

Stars won: 7

A sprained ankle wasn’t going to stop John from taking on another Bushtucker Trial, as he teamed up with Fleur to win all stars available for camp.

The trial was ripe for John to pull out some of his best Carry On style innuendos (classics included: ‘I never lost my tool but I just found another one’) as they were both locked in an underground chamber, with Fleur having to seek him out.

As always, the task was loaded with critters and creepy-crawlies, with one particularly intrepid cockroach diving inside John Barrowman’s more intimate regions.

Arriving back in camp with all 7 stars in tow, Fleur explained, “I was genuinely terrified, I feel like it was all of my nightmares thrown into one trial.

The jungle is all about facing your fears and getting through challenges, so bring them on.”

Bushtucker Trial 14: Wicked Warehouse

Nominated celebs: Nick, Harry and Emily

Stars won: 8

Harry, Nick and Emily opted to take part in the latest trial, and took on some seriously scary critters — and Harry was forced to face his fear of rats.

The Inbetweeners actress was tasked with placing various critters on Harry and Nick, who were each lying in crates. Rats, snakes, spiders, crocodiles and some very agitated mud crabs were among the creatures used, and while Nick managed to stay calm throughout, poor Harry seemed a bit distressed at first when he learned that he’d be getting two rats placed on his stomach. Still, he tried to make light of the situation: “As long as he doesn’t go up my trouser leg.”

“They like to feast on nuts,” Dec quipped.

One toad took a liking to sticking its leg up Nick’s nostril. “He likes sitting on your…..head,” Holly commented.

In total, the team got all eight stars, and Emily in particular was delighted at their joint success.

“I think sometimes people underestimate me slightly and worry if I’m part of a trial with other people the trial might not go as well,” she admitted inside the Bush Telegraph. “People are physically much stronger than me, faster than me, I’ve never in my life cared about winning ever but I care about being part of the success of something.”

Bushtucker Trial 13: Stars of the Silver Scream

Nominated celebs: Rita and James

Stars won: 8

Sneak peek: 

Rita and James powered through this blockbuster Bushtucker Trial, with the former EastEnders actress enduring a deluge of creepy crawlies while showing off her movie trivia knowledge. Rita answered a series of questions about films from Trainspotting (Brainspotting) to Shakespeare in Love (Snakespeare in Love) while enduring a deluge of popcorn and critters.

She quite frankly smashed the quiz section, getting just one question about High School Musical (Fly School Musical) wrong. That meant James had more than enough time to use his tongue to unscrew those precious stars, nabbing all but one of them. And in fairness, the only one he missed was covered in live flies – we don’t think we’d have nabbed that one either…

Bushtucker Trial 12: Gore Seasons Pizza

Nominated celeb: Fleur

Stars won: 10/10

Sneak peek: 

Fleur had been saying all day that she wanted to take on a Bushtucker Trial and the voting public granted her wish. Gore Seasons Pizza saw her strapped to a giant pizza base as a seres of ‘toppings’ – rotten tomatoes, crickets, fish guts, offal, green ants, cockroaches, rancid cheese – were dumped on top of her, all while she was being asked to smash open a series ofpiñatas with a rolling pin (only on I’m a Celebrity). It was tough work but Fleur managed to liberate all ten stars from the piñatas, meaning all the celebs ate wallaby for dinner.

Bushtucker Trial 11: Sickening Sewer

Nominated celeb: Sair

Stars won: 10/10

Sair smashed this one, a series of tunnels off the main sewer each filled with different critters – cane toads, cockroaches, crickets, meal worms, water dragons, huntsman spiders, mud crabs and a croc. But the toughest test for Sair was attempting to liberate a star from a small tank rapidly filling with water. She managed it though, getting the full ten stars (and meals for all her campmates) before being unceremoniously dumped out of a pipe into a cess pit.

Immunity Games Event 4: Rancid Race

Nominated celebs: Everyone!

Stars won: N/A

Sneak peek: 

While we don’t know much about this latest event, whichever team triumphs will be safe from the public vote. Of the losers, one team member is set to become the first to leave the jungle…

Winners: Galahs (Nick, Malique, Sair)

With Nick literally making a name for himself downing pints down at the rugby pints (his words), and Noel nicknaming him the Blackwall Tunnel, Nick took the Galahs team to victory by downing three lots of vile blended drinks – winning himself, Malique and Sair immunity, alongside a decent meal.

Immunity Games Event 3: The Gymnasium

Nominated celebs: Noel, Anne, Sair and Fleur

Stars won: N/A

For the final challenge of the day Noel, Anne, Sair and Fleur headed over to a watery gymnasium, where the campmates had to hold onto some hanging rings for as long as they could.

After a bit of psychological maneouvring (and some cold water sprays) Anne bowed out early, while Sair lost one of her two rings, but by the time the klaxon rang three contestants remained.

The tiebreak? They all had to guess how long they’d been holding the rings, leading Noel to victory, followed by Fleur, followed by Sair.

At the end of the first day of the Immunity Games Harry’s Team Roos were the winners, and received a cooked meal of emu sausages and mash.

Immunity Games Event 2: The Boating Lake

Nominated celebs: Emily, Malique, Rita and James

Stars won: N/A

First up in the Immunity Games: Emily, Malique, Rita and James, who in the first challenge had to bail out specially-made boats, while simultaneously keeping their flags raised in their vessels by pouring the water into a funnel.

Despite some dirty tactics, Rita ended up going out first, before convincing Malique to pack it in early as well to give other campmates a better chance of eating.

And in the end it was Emily that claimed victory for Team Koalas, closely followed by James for Team Roos. But the day was just getting started…

Immunity Games Event 1: The Deadly Dash

Nominated celebs: Harry, Nick and John

Stars won: N/A

The celebrities started competing for immunity from the first eviction in this challenge, which saw John, Nick and Harry grab puzzle pieces from “hellholes” full of creatures and fish guts, then make up a puzzle.

After a strong early start from Harry and John they fell at the final hurdle (almost literally in Harry’s case), leaving Nick the victor when he completed his puzzle first.

This gave Nick first pick of the campmates for his team, ending up with Malique and Sair on Team Galahs. John added Anne and Emily to Team Koalas, Harry had Fleur and James for Team Roos and Noel and Rita were left adrift to be part of Team Underdogs.

Sneak peek:

Bushtucker Trial 10: Dreaded Deliveries

Nominated celebs: Sair and Malique

Stars won: 11

Where in the world would you find someone who’d pick up a cow’s teat and compare it to a piece of milk chocolate? In the I’m A Celeb jungle, that’s where. Sair had to find a way to deal with a particularly devilish delivery and deal with it she did, knocking back the most horrific offerings with gusto.

Malique wasn’t far behind her, though he did seem in danger of chucking every single mouthful back up. Each course pushed the pair close to breaking point, with a camel’s hoof and scorpion sting rolls proving particularly testing but the pair powered through and secured all eleven stars for camp.

Sneak peek: 

Bushtucker Trial 9: The Hellish Hospital

Nominated celeb: Anne Hegerty

Stars won: 7/11

It’ll be a decent meal for the campmates tonight as Anne stormed her way through rooms of stinking offal and all kinds of critters. She was completely unfazed by a python and had to pick stars out of piles of raw meat and fish guts all while being rained on by insects. Classic. She looked like she’d performed surgery when she came out – it’s official: the Governess is a trooper.

Bushtucker Trial 8: The Live Trial/The Quest

Nominated celebs – Live Trial: Noel Edmonds, Emily Atack, Fleur East, Nick Knowles, Anne Hegerty, Malique Thompson-Dwyer, Harry Redknapp, Sair Khan, Fleur East

The show’s annual live trial made a hero of Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty when she downed a pint of liquidised fish eyes in 12 seconds – the fastest a celebrity has done this since the show began. She looked physically ready to vom the entire time, but Anne showed us just how steely she can be.

However, unlike previous live trials, this series’ edition saw celebs playing for minutes for their other campmates to have the maximum amount of time on the real challenge – The Quest.

Nominated celebs – The Quest: Rita Simons, John Barrowman, James McVey

Stars won: 10/11

In a teaser for tonight’s show, we see the three hapless campmates taking on what could be I’m a Celeb’s toughest challenge yet.

But the gang are hopeful they will do well, with Rita explaining, “I think we’ve got a brilliant team, between John, James and myself we’ve got physicality, brains and youth, we’ve got it all.”

Bushtucker Trial 7: Catch a Falling Star

Nominated celebs: Noel Edmonds, Nick Knowles

Stars won: 5/11

Bushtucker Trial 6: Nero to Zero

Nominated celebs: Noel Edmonds, Harry Redknapp

Stars won: 11/11

After being exempt from challenges for a while, Noel and Harry are about to be forced into one described as “the grossest thing we’ve ever done” by the I’m a Celeb team.

As revealed on Extra Camp, the challenge will see the pair squeezing fish blood out of fish eyes with their teeth into a goblet then….you guessed it…downing the cup of fish blood.

How the mighty have fallen.

Bushtucker Trial 5: Drown and Out

Nominated celebs: Rita SimonsMalique Thompson-Dwyer , John BarrowmanEmily Atack

Stars won: N/A

Rita and Malique took on John and Emily in this water-based challenge, which saw the two duos trying to flush their opposing team out by finding keys, which opened locks, which turned on pipes in each others’ tanks.

Despite nerves, Rita and the diving master Malique managed to turn on the pipes quickest, so John and Emily (who, to be fair, mostly just had to stay still to avoid all the critters in the water) were forced out of the tank first.

Victory for Rita and Malique! New members of the Emperor’s inner circle.

Bushtucker Trial 4: Gladiators trial — Unleash The Beast

Nominated celebs: Fleur EastNick KnowlesSair KhanJames McVey

Stars won: 4/4

Noel Edmonds has finally arrived in the jungle — and while we’ve yet to see a trial named Meal or No Meal – or even a Noel’s Mouse Party – we did see the celebs battling it out as gladiators, their fate in ‘Emperor’ Noel’s hands.

First up were Sair and Fleur (handpicked by Noel and his ‘Assistant Emperor’ Harry Redknapp) who won two stars by moving their stars down a bolt. With their tongues. While trapped in a cage filled with biting green ants.

Master of critters — aka Nick Knowles — and James then retrieved an extra two stars by untying knots as quickly as possible while trying to ignore the spiders, scorpions, crickets, mealworms and cockroaches tipped all over them.

Bushtucker Trial 3: Scary Rose Trial

Nominated celeb: John Barrowman

Stars won: 10

In his first trial of the series, Barrowman collected an impressive 10 stars from the depths of a submerged shipwreck filled with large eels, mud crabs and water dragons.

And don’t worry if you don’t know what a water dragon is – host Holly Willoughby didn’t have a clue either. Fortunately, Dec was quick on hand with an explanation of this mysterious animal: “They’re like dragons. But in water.” We think David Attenborough can rest easy.

Bushtucker Trial 2: Monstrous Monoliths

Nominated celeb: Anne Hegerty

Stars won: 2

The Chase star Anne Hegerty, also known as The Governess, tackled the Monstrous Monoliths trial and claimed two meals for Snake Rock. With cockroaches, mealworms, grasshoppers, fish guts and slime dumped on her, she called time on the challenge, shouting “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!”

Dec hailed her for her guts in facing her fears. Not literal guts, mind – she’s had more than enough of those.

Bushtucker Trial 1: Viper Pit

Emily Atack, I'm a celeb (Getty)
Emily Atack, I’m a Celeb (Getty)

Nominated celeb: Emily Atack

Stars won: 9

Inbetweeners star Emily Atack was the first chosen to take on a Bushtucker Trial, presumably thanks to her hysterical reaction to skydiving. Her challenge? The dreaded Viper Pit…

“What’s a viper?” Atack asked before the trial – and it’s fair to say that after being in a pit writhing with them, she was very familiar with the snake indeed.

Atack whimpered and squealed her way through the challenge and came out covered in “snake juice” – but it was all worth it in the end as she got to feed the camp at Snake Rock and was upgraded to Croc Creek.


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