Is there a Victoria Christmas special on TV?

With the ITV's drama's third series set to air in early 2019, will there be a festive special this year?

Victoria (ITV)

Last year’s two-hour Victoria Christmas special was a festive treat, featuring a snowy Buckingham Palace festooned with candles, Christmas trees and Jenna Coleman (Queen Victoria) sporting an rich array of red velvet ensembles. So where’s this year’s special?


Here’s everything you need to know.

Why isn’t there a Victoria Christmas special this year?

The third series of the ITV period drama only just finished filming, ending on 26th October 2018.

And although there’s already been a teaser released, suggesting “turbulent times are ahead” for Victoria and hubby Prince Albert (played by Tom Hughes), the show’s not completed — much less , it seems, a December special that could rival last year’s spectacle.

When is series 3 airing?

The eight-part third series is expected to air in early 2019. It will begin in the year 1848, a period of uncertainty for both the country and the royal couple’s marriage.

Creator Daisy Goodwin said: “Victoria and Albert are the most famous couple of the nineteenth century, but underneath the united facade, their relationship is at breaking point and it is a struggle for mastery that neither side can win.”

Speaking after the show was recommissioned, she said: “Series three will start in 1848 which was a hugely dramatic and eventful time for both the royal family and Europe, with revolutions on the continent and uncertainty around the monarchy. Viewers can expect more drama than ever before in the third series.”


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Where can I watch series 1 and 2 of Victoria?

If you still fancy a dose of Victoria this Christmas, you can head over to Netflix to watch the first series. However, the second series can only be purchased on DVD.