David Tennant. Singing in the shower. That is all.

Need we say more?

David Tennant, just singing in the shower

Look, you know why you’re here. You saw the headline, gave it a clickety-click. Because you wanted to see David Tennant, acclaimed Shakespearean actor, beloved national treasure and star of series like Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and Jessica Jones have a good sing and dance in the shower.


Who knows what your motives are? Maybe you’re a music fan. Maybe you just think it’d be funny. Maybe there’s something else going on as to why you’d like to see a half-naked Good Omens star shimmying around under a hot stream of water – we’re not judging.

We’re all here for just one thing, whatever the reasoning – to watch David Tennant, dripping wet and singing in the shower. So here it is.

We could explain to you that this is a fun little creation from the cast of Camping, the HBO remake of the British series of the same name, creating an ad-hoc music video to Taylor Dane’s Tell It To My Heart. We could note that apart from Tennant the video also includes performances by Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Garner, Bridget Everett, Brett Gelman, Chris Sullivan, Cheyenne Haynes and Arturo Del Puerto.

But you don’t really care about that, because you’ve already skipped to the part where Doctor Who puts the showerhead in his mouth and dances around. And that’s OK. It’s why we’re all here. We’re all here, doing this, together.


Well, except that one guy reading this article. He knows who he is. Sort your life out, Jerry.