There’s a VERY high chance of a double-firing in tonight’s Apprentice episode

With more candidates to whittle down than weeks left in the process, expect to see plenty of Lord Sugar's firing finger next episode

The Apprentice 2018 (BBC, EH)

From Daniel adopting a young Justin Bieber hairdo, to a bitter Jasmine only offering the briefest of hugs to her fellow candidates after her firing, the last Apprentice was an instant classic. But one crucial ingredient was missing: a double-elimination.


Although Lord Sugar decided to eliminate Jasmine with concerns the Learning and Development Manager was too corporate, Tom – a candidate who failed to sell during the art task – somehow narrowly escaped a similar fate. And this ending left us with one big question: will we see a double-firing this series?

The simple answer: yes – and very likely in the next episode.

Presuming the series will follow the same structure as previous years, only five of the remaining eight contestants will make it to the interview stage in week 11. And we’ve only got two more episodes until then. Two weeks to get rid of three candidates.

True, Sugar has shown he’s happy to tinker with the Apprentice format in recent years – after all, two candidates won the 2017 competition – and there’s no guarantee the interview stage won’t be moved to the show’s final episode à la series eight.

However, providing everything runs the same as usual, a double-firing is definitely due at some point in the next two episodes. And looking at past series we’re inclined to believe it’ll be sooner rather than later.

It’s relatively rare for Sugar to unleash a pre-interview-stage multi-firing after week nine; this has only happened three times in the past 14 series. And the reason behind this should be quite simple: by week nine he’s normally purged the process of the worst-performing candidates, leaving the most capable – those least likely to be eliminated – behind.

So, in all likelihood, candidates had better brace themselves for a mass sacking in week eight – the next episode. And they had better avoid the project manager role at all cost: out of the 13 multi-firings in the show’s history, only once did the losing PM escape elimination.

But who knows, with all the above said, maybe only two more candidates will be fired before the interviews. Maybe, for the first time ever, the standard is so high this year that the final five will become the final six, perhaps with more than two contestants in the final.

After all, there’s every reason to think the calibre of candidates is at an all-time high, right?


A double-firing it is, then.

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