Doctor Who fans loved new monster Pting and want one for Christmas

And they also thought it looked like the "love-child" of two other Who monsters...

Doctor Who monster Pting

This week’s Doctor Who, The Tsuranga Conundrum, introduced us to a brand new monster, simultaneously deadly and unbearably adorable.


Pting isn’t a malicious creature, it turned out, but with toxic skin and a penchant for eating anything inorganic (like a spaceship, for instance) it could easily kill you. However, that didn’t stop viewers falling for its ugly-cuteness – and immediately adding it to their Christmas gift lists.

Fans also spotted similarities between Pting and some other Doctor Who monsters – basically, they thought it looked like the love child of series one’s Raxacoricofallapatorian family the Slitheen and series four’s the Adipose…

We look forward to hearing the story of how those two got together in future episodes…

Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Sunday


This article was originally published on 5 November 2018