Apprentice’s Kayode Damali: “I’d definitely go into business with Claude if he wanted to”

The star of the BBC series also said he'd go on holiday with Lord Sugar's aide – “if [he] can keep up on the dance floor!”




After seven weeks in the process, Kayode Damali – the candidate who genuinely described himself as “a fun guy, not a mushroom!” in his audition tape – has been fired from The Apprentice. After the urban gardening task, the professional speaker found himself at the mercy of Lord Sugar’s firing finger, eliminated from the process for his poor costing strategy.

But something bigger than Kayode has left our screens since his dismissal: his bromance with Claude Littner.

Ever since episode three’s doughnut task, Clayode fever has gripped Apprentice viewers, with Lord Sugar’s aide seen piling on the praise for Kayode and smiling whenever his favourite candidate was in action.

However, it looks like the series’ greatest partnership could continue off-screen, with Kayode keen to start a business with Claude. “If Lord Sugar doesn’t want to invest in me then come on Claude, let’s go! Me and you can go and do something,” he told

He added: “I’d definitely go into business with Claude if he wanted to. I respect Claude. I respect his career and all the things he’s achieved. It would be a no-brainer.”

In fact, Kayode said he’d even go on a lads holiday with the 69-year-old businessman – “if [he] can keep up on the dance floor!”

However, since leaving the show, Kayode says Claude hasn’t been in contact. But he’s convinced this is simply because Sugar’s left-hand man simply wouldn’t be allowed to until the process is over. “I do appreciate he’s a busy guy. But I’d be open to having a conversation with him. Even just to pick his brains and his wisdom.” Kayode says.

Having said that, it’s unlikely Kayode will be sharing a brew with Lord Sugar anytime soon, with the eliminated candidate storming out of the boardroom after his firing, only dropping a brief “thank you” on his way out.

“I think when I had my hands on the door handle I thought ‘I’ve got to say thank you, don’t I?’” Kayode said about his swift exit. “But then I was like ‘What am I thanking you for? You just fired my arse!’

“Thanks for firing me? Come on, let’s be serious!”

He added: “I entered this process to win and nothing less. Literally, even if I came second that wouldn’t be good enough. I wanted to win!”

However, although Kayode didn’t leave the process with a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar, he might just have found a business partner and BFFL in another of the show’s key players.

Make our dreams come true, Littner.


The Apprentice continues 9pm Wednesday, BBC1

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