Poldark series 4 episode 3 new images revealed: Ross goes to Parliament as George plots a political comeback

What will George get up to while Ross Poldark is away in London? And how is Demelza faring in Cornwall?

Aidan Turner in Poldark

It’s slightly jarring to see Ross Poldark away from his beloved Cornwall as he makes his maiden speech in Parliament – and explores the delights of London in series four episode three of the BBC drama.


New images for the eventful instalment reveal the Cornish captain dressed for his political debut, delivering an impassioned speech that gains him notoriety. And while in town he has time to reunite with a very grown up Geoffrey Charlies at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Meanwhile, Demelza is kept busy as she and the men contend with a failing mine. We also get a first look at Dwight and Caroline’s baby daughter, although Doctor Enys soon makes a troubling diagnosis.

George, meanwhile, is still sulking over losing to Ross, and decides to try and buy his way back into Parliament, throwing an extravagant party at Trenwith engineered to win over friends – and political power.

When Ross returns to Cornwall he discovers that much has changed. But will he ever be able to get back to life as he knew it? Let’s have a sneak peek…


Poldark season four airs on Sundays, 9/8c, Masterpiece on PBS

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