Doctor Who star freaks out after “massive spider” lands on her during filming for Arachnids in the UK

If Mandip Gill is scared of spiders, maybe an episode about terrifying arachnids isn't the best job choice? Let's just hope Jodie Whittaker isn't also an arachnophobe...


Doctor Who series 11 continues this Sunday – but if you’re a Doctor Who fan who’s scared of spiders, Arachnids in the UK could be a nightmare.


The episode will see the Doctor and co return to Sheffield and meet Yaz’s (Mandip Gill) family, only to discover that something strange is happening to the eight-legged residents of the city.

So, will it freak you out?

Well, the kinda-good news is that new series star Mandip Gill managed to complete filming despite clearly being scared of creepy crawlies, as a new video reveals.

The new companion shared a video in which she and fellow cast members Tosin Cole, Tanya Fear and Shobna Gulati are enjoying a harmless game of Head’s Up during a break in filming.

The video screen is displaying the answers in the game – but that’s not what everyone is paying attention to.

Instead, Gill is heard screaming after a “massive spider” apparently lands on her leg from the ceiling.

You’ll want to unmute this.

Judging by the laughter from her cast mates, they weren’t exactly worried for her, even after she moaned, “I feel sick!”

Another image apparently shows the offending spider – to be fair, it is pretty massive.

Gill admitted that she has “no idea” what episode four, complete with special spider effects, will actually look like when it airs, after casting associate Ri McDaid-Wren tweeted her saying, “I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through this ep”.

But Gill isn’t the only member of the cast who had to face her fears during filming: guest star Shobna Gulati, who plays Yaz’s mum, told that she is also scared of spiders.

“But when Doctor Who calls and they say ‘it’s about spiders,’ you say ‘yeah!’ And then you think ‘yeah…?’”

See? If even the cast can conquer their fears, the least we can do is actually tune in to see what will happen – even if we end up hiding behind the sofa.

Doctor Who series 11 episode four, Arachnids in the UK, airs on BBC1 this Sunday 28th October 2018 at 7pm


This article was originally published on 27 October 2018