Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Rick Monk: “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” plotting to take down his rivals

Apprentice hopeful Rick Monk is a quality controller/business predator who swears to take down his rivals

Rick Monk, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Who is Apprentice candidate Rick Monk? If we’re totally honest with you…we don’t really know ourselves. Slick Rick’s social media is hard to find – while he has an Instagram account, we can’t find a lot on him on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Nonetheless, Rick himself claims his best qualities are just how confident and assertive he is. He adds his other skills include separating business from pleasure, which allows him to get the best from others.

He’s in a relationship and has two children, but since the announcement of his involvement in The Apprentice, has confirmed in a statement that he and his partner have previously worked as escorts:

“We’re in a loving relationship and have been together for many years – and as many couples are these days, we’re also both sexually adventurous people.

“In the past we have been listed on an escort agency website, but we are not currently active members and haven’t been for some time.”


What can we expect from Rick Monk?

The Apprentice 2018 (BBC, EH)

To be a real specimen. It’s almost as if Rick has consulted The Apprentice handbook on how to lose friends and alienate your fellow candidates.

Savage Rick proudly calls himself a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, and says his main goal will be to befriend his fellow candidates to get their support, but isn’t afraid to lash out and strike at his rivals.

Speaking at his audition, he explained: “My strategy will be to win people over and keep them on my side. I will try and be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Keep everyone happy, keep them on my side, but when I need to do I’ll just come out and steal everything from behind them.”

Delightful. But will Rick really succeed in becoming a savage wolf in sheep’s clothing, or will he end up being mutton dressed as lamb?

The Apprentice 2018 candidates: Rick Monk

Age: 33

Occupation: Quality Controller

Lives: Lancashire

Best/worst quote: “I won’t pussyfoot and waste time, as time is of the essence in everything.  People will have to like it or lump it.”

Instagram: @RickMonk85


The Apprentices continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1