Bake Off final 2018 – “fix” or “fair”? Viewers are divided

It wouldn't be a Bake Off final without a spoonful of controversy

Great British Bake Off 2018 finalists

There was in-fighting among Great British Bake Off fans on Tuesday night after Rahul Mandal was crowned the 2018 champion, beating fellow finalists Ruby Bhogal and Kim-Joy Hewlett to the title.


Rahul has already proved a Marmite figure, endearing himself to some fans with his prevailing pessimism and Paddington Bear ways — while other viewers have found the baker just too sickly sweet, and even accused him of “lying” about doughnuts…

The final’s result proved just as divisive. Those in Rahul’s camp were cracking out the celebratory glasses of milk, delighted that their “icon” had won.

“YES!!! Legends who can be referred to by their first names only. Kylie. Beyonce. Malala. Gandhi. RAHUL,” journalist Sathnam Sanghera posted on Twitter.

“I was rooting for Rahul all along as the underdog,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “A fair result in the end and I think all three finalists are brilliant bakers.”

“Today, the 30th October, is now forever known as National Rahul Day,” another Twitter user wrote.

However, not everyone was happy with the outcome, with some claiming that Rahul’s win had been a “fix” — and that Kim-Joy, who came first in the technical, should have triumphed.

“Based on tonight Ruby should have won. Based on the series Kim-Joy should have won. Based on at least the last two weeks Rahul should have not even been in the final,” one Bake Off fan posted on Twitter.

“Rahul should have gone out the last two or three weeks! Kim Joy is the deserved winner, hands down! She was the best this week, overall!!!! Fix!!!,” another viewer posted on Twitter.

Another Twitter user branded the outcome a “pity fest”.

Some viewers even accused Rahul of ‘lying’ when he claimed to have never eaten a doughnut before the Signature Bake — despite later revealing he preferred doughnuts with “lots of filling” inside.

However, fans of Rahul were quick to leap to his defence.

“Now listen up you Rahul naysayers… the boy said he never had a doughnut BEFORE that challenge!! You really think he didn’t practice the challenge??,” a fan posted.


Personally, we think everyone should just ut aside their differences and sit down together with a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.