EastEnders: Hayley Slater to abandon her new baby

The new mum makes a rash decision in next week's episodes of the BBC1 soap


New mum Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) is to buckle under the pressure on next week’s EastEnders when she leaves her baby on the Ahmeds’ doorstep with a note asking them to look after her.


Following a traumatic birth, Hayley will be left feeling that she can’t care for her newborn, but after abandoning the baby, she’ll be seen struggling with the decision she’s made. However, help of a sort comes from mum Bev, who’s back on the scene and trying to reassure her daughter that she’s made the right decision.

Over at the Ahmeds’, Mariam tries to convince Masood and Arshad that they should give Hayley a day to come round. But just as Hayley is contemplating doing just that, Kat finds her and questions where the baby is. With Hayley refusing to tell her, the pair get into a blazing argument and Hayley storms back to her mum’s.

Events then come to a head in scenes to be shown on Thursday 8 November when the Ahmeds notice something worrying about the baby and call Hayley, insisting that she meets them at the hospital.

Will Hayley get her baby back?

As Mariam and Arshad anxiously wait to see a doctor, Hayley arrives just in time and they are left relieved when medics tell them that the baby is fine. Back on the Square, Kat gets wind of what has happened and is soon also heading over to the hospital, where she ends up fighting Hayley’s corner in the face of questions from a social worker.

EastEnders: Hayley (Katie Jarvis) and her new baby

But just as Hayley starts to bond with the baby, Kat is left frustrated when Bev turns up and takes the baby home with her, leaving Hayley to follow along in her wake. By next Friday, Hayley’s doubts about looking after her baby are growing once again as Bev tries to show her the ropes. But can Bev be trusted when she tells Hayley that this is a chance for them to fix the past and make a fresh start?


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