Bake Off viewers couldn’t deal with the finalists’ emotional back stories

Whether it was Ruby's tearful mum, or the British couple who 'adopted' Rahul, there was almost too much sweetness to handle

Rahul Bake Off screenshot (EH, C4)

The Bake Off final was an emotional time — and not just inside the tent.


Viewers were treated to video montages outlining each of the finalists’ back stories, and whether it was Ruby’s tearful mum, or the British couple who ‘adopted’ Rahul, it was almost too much wholesomeness to handle.

Bake Off winner Rahul was seen hanging out with his friends David and Liz, who took him under their wing when he first moved to Sheffield.

“They adopted him! Like actual Paddington!,” journalist and author Sathnam Sanghera wrote, before later posting: “An Indian engineering researcher living in Sheffield with an English couple and winning a British baking show by making mango-filled doughnuts. Nice to be reminded that despite our stupid politics, this is Britain in 2018.”

“Just going to spend the rest of the night weeping about how lovely Rahul’s friend David is and trying to connect with him on LindkedIn so he can endorse my life,” Lauren Rellis posted on Twitter.

“Catching up on & already in tears at David and Liz saying how their lives would be poorer if they hadn’t met Rahul – this series has been the NICEST in years,” another Twitter user posted.

Meanwhile Ruby’s mum broke all our hearts with an emotional tribute to her daughter.

“I will be the proudest mum in the world to see my daughter winning the Bake Off,” she said, as she tried to hold back the tears.

“Hands up if you want to just give Ruby’s mum a massive hug,” a Twitter user wrote.

Viewers also saw Kim-Joy chilling at home with her partner and friends — and discovered her second-favourite hobby (besides baking, of course)….

“I didn’t think I could love @kimjoyskitchen any more then we find out she goes to a board game club,” Paul Maddock posted on Twitter.

“You know that if you’re at @kimjoyskitchen’s board games club that the snacks will be EPIC for those long complicated games campaigns,” another fan added.


Just when we thought Bake Off couldn’t get any sweeter.