A new Doctor Who character has become an instant cult figure

“Eat my salad, 'alloween!” – Salad Man (2018)

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The Doctor Who series 11 opener may have gifted fans a new Gallifreyan in the form of Jodie Whittaker and three new companions, however there was another hero who caught some viewers’ eyes: Salad Man!


He might not have been a Time Lord, or possess any superpowers whatsoever, but he did wield a kebab filled with some unwanted slices of cucumber and tomato. And he used this salad when rounded on by giant Stenza warrior Tzim-Sha (Tim Shaw to us).

In fact, as well as throwing his tomatoes at the alien, the apparently inebriated hero served up a killer line: “Eat my salad, ‘alloween!”

And, for many, it was the best part of the opening episode.

And others thought the scene perfectly embodied the episode’s Sheffield setting.

However, Salad Man’s sensational line sadly didn’t prevent the alien from giving him a lethal sub-zero burn in the face.

And although some completely understood the warrior’s actions…

…ultimately Salad Man taught fans an important lesson.

RIP Salad Man, you did not die in vain.

Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Sundays


This article was originally published on 8 October 2018

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