Will there be another series of No Offence?

Will DI Viv Deering and her team be returning for a fourth series on Channel 4?

The cast of No Offence series 3

This series of Channel 4’s cult police drama No Offence has been chock-full of twists, turns, questions — and surprise deaths.


And after the series three finale airs, there’ll be one major question lingering in viewers’ minds: will there be another series?

It seems creator Paul Abbott has already started tentatively planning for series four — but he’s still having to keep his fingers firmly crossed as he awaits a verdict on the show’s ratings.

“We haven’t had the nod yet, and normally they [the commissioners] wait for the figures to come back,” he told RadioTimes.com at the start of the series. “Normally it’s about episode four we start to get the measure of whether we’re going to get another one.

“We’re already planning another one, just being pre-emptive, because by the time they deign to give you the go-ahead there’s very little time left to start putting the show together.”

The second series of No Offence – airing in February 2017 – was drawing in well over a million viewers overnight, but the most recent third run has dipped to around 800,000. Consolidated figures are yet to be confirmed.

There’s still no positive confirmation from Channel 4 about whether the show has been renewed — but fans may well be hoping that Channel 4’s interest will be piqued by the series’ gripping finale.

DI Viv Deering (Joanna Scanlan) headed after the crooked mayor, putting together a plan to bring her down.

Viv and her team sprung an audacious trap, attempting to convince the mayor that the gunman who pretended to attempt to assassinate her (are you following?) is still alive.


We’ll keep schtum on whether a certain key character’s death is suitably avenged…