This sneak peek of The Mandalorian is a call back to the most infamous moment in Star Wars history

Jon Favreau shared a photo of a weapon seen in the universally-panned Star Wars Holiday Special

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Director Jon Favreau’s sneak peek of Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian is a cheeky callback to a much-sidelined part of a galaxy far far away.


In a new Instagram post, Favreau offered a glimpse at a weapon made for the upcoming show, a long rifle which Star Wars enthusiasts may recognise.

The weapon appears to be a nod to what’s known as a forked Amban phase-pulse blaster. Specifically, it seems to be the weapon which Boba Fett carried in The Story of the Faithful Wookiee, an animated segment of the now-infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

In fact, Fett was first introduced to fans carrying this weapon, with the special released before everyone’s favourite bounty hunter flew on to screens in Empire Strikes Back.

If you haven’t seen The Holiday Special, then don’t worry too much. The 98-minute show – which followed Chewbacca and Han Solo as they visited Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld, to celebrate Life Day – was universally panned.

It featured an eccentric four-armed alien cook, a musical performance from band Jefferson Starship, and way too much of a Wookie called Lumpy.

Carrie Fisher, one of the few people George Lucas allowed to have a copy of the Special, once said the show was something she used at parties, “when I wanted everyone to leave”.


So, overall, not something you’d want to aspire to. Let’s just hope the connection is just coincidental.

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