Viewers spot embarrassing subtitle error during royal wedding news report

A presenter's compliment about Princess Eugenie's dress on the BBC came out quite rude

Princess Eugenie (Getty)

BBC News made an unfortunate subtitling error during a news report on the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie, which made a commentator’s compliment look rather un-PC.


As the princess ascended the stairs of St George’s Chapel in Windsor, a presenter’s remark of “What a beautiful dress” was mistakenly transcribed as “what a beautiful breasts”.

Journalist and football commentator Ollie Bayliss was one of a number of people who noticed the error online.

“Either the subtitles machine is broken or BBC News are getting rather personal about Princess Eugenie,” he wrote.

The official BBC3 Twitter account even chimed in…

In subtitlers’ defence, recently found out about how captions are created for television and it’s really, really hard, so it’s almost inevitable that the occasional blooper worms through.

Still funny though.

Princess Eugenie married her partner Jack Brooksbank. The ceremony was attended by 850 people, including Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Robbie Williams.

If you missed out on the wedding first time around, The Royal Wedding: a Family Celebration will air at 8pm on ITV this Friday 12th October with the morning’s highlights.