Claude Littner reveals when Apprentice candidates will pick their team names

Viewers have been missing a key part of The Apprentice this year


It’s arguably one of the most embarrassing parts of The Apprentice (and that’s really saying something).


But this year’s edition of the BBC’s business contest has so far forgone a ritual usually performed at the very beginning of the series – naming the two teams.

And viewers have been quick to notice that the fresh batch of candidates are yet to have their say on what each team should be called.

Taking to Twitter, one perplexed fan wrote, “I guess we’re just never getting team names this year then?”

Another demanded, “Bring back team names.”

But it appears all is not lost for die-hard Apprentice fans, with Lord Sugar’s trusty and fearsome sidekick, Claude Littner, confirming the news that team names are coming back – next week.

Over the last 14 series, viewers have braced themselves for a series of godawful monikers that have haunted us for 12 weeks – with candidates seemingly plucking a random noun out of the sky in the hope of sounding business-savvy.

While we’ve seen Synergy, Vitality and even ‘Stealth’, the worst effort was put forward by series two hopeful Syed Ahmed, who suggested ‘The A-Team’ – which was quickly shot down by his teammates (thankfully).

Lord Sugar also marked the card of series three favourite Tre Azam, who pitched the name of a company he had worked for before – forcing the team to settle with the equally rubbish team name ‘Eclipse’.

Another low point for team names came in series 10, when eager candidate Nurun Ahmed put forward the name ‘Decadence’ – without understanding the word’s debauched undertones/general meaning. They were made to switch to Tenacity instead.

Kurran records the voice and movements for the Augmented Reality cover of the boy's Benji comic
Kurran records the voice and movements for Benji comic (BBC)

But judging by this year’s candidates, the new team names we can look forward to are set to be television gold.

The second episode of The Apprentice saw the girls take home their first victory after their comic book was deemed less appalling than the boys’.

It was Khadija Kalifa who led the girls’ team to victory after their opponents’ toe-curlingly cringe pitch saw them take home a grand total of zero sales – with law graduate/actor Kurran Pooni even forgetting project manager Frank Brooks’ name in one scene.

Khadija Kalifa, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)
It was a case of ‘Kim Jong-Huh?’ for Khadija (BBC)

However, it doesn’t seem like Khadija is any better with names; after Lord Sugar compared her totalitarian leadership of the girls team to that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, she said to camera, “I have no idea who Kim Jong-un is. But to be so powerful, he must have done something right.”



The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1